Nursing Jobs Sydney Nursing jobs Melbourne Australia code of conduct

Nursing Jobs Sydney Nursing jobs Melbourne Australia

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The correct way to behave towards patients code of conduct for nurses

Introduce yourself

Nursing Jobs Sydney Nursing jobs Melbourne Australia. Put out your hand for a handshake and say your name in a confident voice. Be ready to introduce colleagues to others as well.

Keep conversations on track

The ability to connect with patients by making conversation is essential for success. To avoid inadvertently offending someone, stay away from controversial topics. Topics to avoid include religion, politics, salary, jokes of questionable taste, medical problems, and gossip. Topics that are usually safe to talk about include weather, traffic, sports, travel, books, and TV programs.

Watch your body language

Your body language is an essential component of communication. When making conversation, don’t forget that the care you invest in your words can be undone by nonverbal communication.

Providing Information

Patients’ families are very aware of what nurses are doing with and to their loved one. Family-centred care puts the needs of the whole family as the focus of intervention.  Family members need to be informed about what nurses are doing and why. Patients and families noted that this was very important and reassuring to them.

Providing Reassurance

Reassurance is a cross-cultural need. In a critical care situation, it may be one of the most comforting aspects for patients and their families, helping to mitigate the stress, chaos, uncertainty, and, sometimes, the painful experience.

Demonstrating Proficiency

Critical care nurses are highly knowledgeable and proficient in providing care in acute situations. The ability to manage a physiological crisis requires quick action and competence. Patients and their families are keen observers of nurses’ actions.

Being Present

Being present with patients and their families requires nurses to have a well-developed skill in active listening. Patients or family members will often tell the nurse what they need or want if we ask and solicit that information from them directly. Nursing Jobs Sydney Nursing jobs Melbourne Australia.

Signs of inappropriate behaviour can be subtle at first, but early warning signs that should raise a “red flag” can include:

  • Discussing intimate or personal issues with a patient
  • Engaging in behaviours that could reasonably be interpreted as flirting
  • Keeping secrets with a patient or for a patient
  • Believing that you are the only one who truly understands or can help the patient
  • Spending more time than is necessary with a particular patient
  • Speaking poorly about colleagues or your employment setting with the patient and/or family
  • Showing favouritism
  • Meeting a patient in settings besides those used to provide direct patient care or when you are not at work

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