Things to do in Auckland New Zealand – Sky Jumping

Things to do in Auckland New Zealand - Sky Jumping

I CAN’T stop myself chuckling when I see the disclaimer form that I have to sign for sky jumping from Auckland’s Sky Tower.

‘You may suffer damage to clothing.’ Oh well, it happens sometimes, doesn’t it? I can live with that.
‘You may suffer personal injury.’ Again, I could probably cope with a broken toenail.
‘You may suffer death by falling.’ Erm, no hang on a minute, that’s going a bit far.
Oh sod it, I’ll just sign – after a quick check with the friendly girl on the front desk that no one has, in fact, suffered death by falling from the Sky Jump.

So, with all that sorted, I’m whizzed up to a ledge 192m above the largest city in New Zealand.  It’s a pretty impressive sight, with Auckland’s massive harbour, high-rise buildings and dormant volcanoes the dominant features.

Now the only way is down. I’m strapped up, connected to a winch-propelled fan descender – the type that’s been used to perform stunts in Hollywood blockbusters like Entrapment and Titanic.

Looks fun. But first I’m going to have to jump off. We’re 192m up. That’s almost 60m higher than the Nevis Bungy – which was absolutely bloody terrifying.  In fact, I’m as scared now as I was then.  I tiptoe towards the edge and my stomach begins to growl. My pulse races. I’m scared once more.  But I don’t hesitate. I jump when I’m told – I’m used to this by now – yet my initial reaction is still one of terror.

I’m really going to suffer death by falling, aren’t I? Well, no. The fan descender kicks in and I enjoy a fast, but smooth ten-second fall down to the summit.  What started as a potentially horrific leap turned into a jolly nice one, all in all.

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