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OneoftheSchoolboysOne of the Schoolboys

WE fondly remember our year twelve formal here at BBM.
No, not because our significant others are still at school; those claims were proven false.
It was because we were stuck with a date who could be described as borderline stalkerish. How else can you explain the date buying their own ticket and dancing in their planned formal outfit in the weeks leading up to the night?
Anyway, we’re getting on a tangent. Our memories never featured that of A-List popstars like Katy Perry, who decided to crash Melbourne High School’s formal last weekend.
Accompanied by student council president Anthony Lay, the soon-to-be Mrs. Brand commanded the attention of the Grand Hyatt ballroom as she began to dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.
The DJ smartly picked up on the situation and changed tracks to Perry’s California Gurls, to which Katy and crowd sung along.
A Year 12 student told BBM that the “Katy Perry impersonator they hired was really convincing. I don’t think she looked as good, but she sung the songs just as well as the real deal!”