One To Watch: Manou

One To Watch Manou

Due to her mere age of sixteen years yet astounding talent, half English and half German Popstress, Manou, has seen many comparisons to Grammy Award winner Lorde. However the sweet Electro-Synth girl shows an individual, and original talent, amongst a crowd of rising female teenage artists.

As an endearing singer, with a pretty vocal range which sounds delicately both stunning and soothing, it is said Manou could sing before she could talk. Also a capable pianist and gifted lyricist, she shows a range of musical ability. Having begun working in a recording studio since she was 14, it seems music is what Manou was born to do.
Balancing school and recording, the hard working Manou has released dreamy and cool Pop single ‘Sadie’ with Studio Week. The track creatively describes a friend of Manou’s determination to go out and find romance, and love’s plan to take its time. ‘Sadie’ is refreshing and upbeat on the surface, with a clever philosophical message beneath: you can’t force love, a wise sentiment for such young years.

Manou has begun to gain recognition for her efforts, attractive voice and artistic aptitude, in playing live sets around London. Her next single ‘Loving You’ is out 7th April 2014.

The adolescent, innovative Manou is working with producer PNUT, known for previous work with accomplished female singers, such as; Amy Winehouse, Eliza Doolittle and most recently BBC Sounds of 2014 contender 18 year old Chloe Howl.

Girl power is ebbing to the forefront once more, and Manou is an endowed example, leading the way with sugary vocals and soothing beats.


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