Our Top 10 Unicorn Toys & Soft Unicorn Plush Dolls Your Friends Kids Will Love

Top 10 Unicorn Toys & Soft Unicorn Plush Dolls

Various brands are competing against each other to conquer the hearts of users. Therefore, they have started to produce unicorn-based toys that are both educational and entertaining. These mythical creature-based dolls are the latest kind of toys in which most kids have smitten with; these facilitate to regulate the imagination process of a child from a tender age.

These toys will take you as well as your friend’s kid to a fantasy dimension with castles, princes, and fairytales. Unicorn toys are sure to be allured for its accumulation of supernatural touch with its magical creatures.

1) Go! Go! Smart Friends Twinkle the Magical Unicorn

This Vtech’s toy is built with top industrial plastic to help your child stimulate their sensory skills by its inbuilt phrases, sounds, and by presenting several colors through lighting up its horns. By pressing a single button, the unicorn will start strolling ahead, nodding its head and flapping its wings.

2) Cuddly Unicorn Plush Toy:

The product by Dreaming Unicorn is made up of PP cotton and best-in-class push, which makes it soft and snuggly. The shimmering details of this giant plush doll make it more attractive for the children.

Perfect for kids above three years, this plush doll helps to bring harmony and nurture the heart of your child. However, you can check dreamingunicorns.com.au/categories/toys-gifts for more varieties in plush dolls.

3) Aurora Unicorn Fancy Pals Purse

This fancy purse will be a perfect companion for your child as these come with a unicorn in white and a small purse in a silver body that has a purple butterfly ornament and straps.

This toy fosters the socialization abilities of your child as this will make them care for pets in the future. Your child can carry these mythical purses to spell magic everywhere they desire.

4) Rainbow Unicorn Foal Toy Figure:

This is a beautifully crafted toy that not only completes the needs of your child’s toy but will also act as décor for his/her playroom.

Its splendid detailed work with white acrylic hand-painted colour with a rainbow-tail and coloured gemstone makes it look gorgeous.

5) Rock & Glow Unicorn Toy:

This toy aims to educate your kid along with keeping him/her giggling. It has two kinds of modes, i.e., “play to learn” mode, which stimulates the sensory skills of a kid by flashing colors, numbers, and shapes. The “chase me” mode will make the toy gallops in various directions.

6) Luna Bath Time Unicorn Color Changing Toy:

To make bath time more mystical, Breyers came up with coloration converting unicorn, which makes your kids keen to head for bathtub. It simply needs to shower it with warm water and then gradually start shifting the shade of the celestial markings, tail, and mane.

The color will revert when it dries completely. They come with a pre-included bathrobe, brush, and atomizer spring bottle.

7) Unicorn Ring Holder Jewelry Earrings Tray

These are especially for girls of all ages, who sport around with jewelry ornaments. The shimmering rainbow unicorn with gold plated horn sums up to make a mystical and magical essence around the room. The base is for placing items, and the horn is for holding rings or earrings.

8) Basic Fun Build-A-Bot Unicorn Robotics Kit

Basic Fun has made robotics look entertaining for kids above 5, easy and intuitive with 20+ fragmented pieces that snap together to create new bot species. To walk and jump, it simply needs a magnetic accessory or simply clapping.

9) Unicorn Adventure Scratch & Sketch

This sketchbook with around 20 drawings allows your child to unleash their imagination skills by sketching. Kids can draw, create, and color sketches of their favorite mystical horse stories.

10) Fingerlings Baby Unicorn

This robotic toy by WowWee responds to you with movements and sounds. They react to touches, sounds, and even kisses. Playing with such type of toys increase the creativity perception inside your child.


So, you should be rational enough before spending bucks over these toys. Before buying any of these toys, one must consider how well these stimulate their child’s imagination or help in improving language or social skills.