Peculiar Facts About Hawaii We Think You Should Know About

Peculiar Facts About Hawaii

Hawaii is a very interesting place that has caught the eyes of prospective world travelers for ages. These island states are part of the U.S. and are often considered some of the most beautiful lands and nature in the world. It is hard to argue that the pristine beaches and lush tropical forests are not in the running for some of the most breathtaking views in the world, but there is more to these islands than just the natural wonder.

The islands of Hawaii have a lot about them that make them so special, and these peculiar facts are some that you may not know. If you plan on visiting Hawaii or if you just want to do some research for fun, then this might help you.

Driving Laws and Related Facts

While much of the driving in Hawaii is the same as the mainland states, there are a few peculiar facts to know. One of the first is that billboards are illegal in Hawaii – seriously. While driving around you will not see big distracting advertisements, which is good for the views, but is mainly done for distraction reasons. Another interesting law that changes from state to state is the mandatory requirement for seat belts. Some places in the U.S. make it clear that a person in the car might not need one, but it is highly illegal in Hawaii, and if you happen to have been involved in a car accident, then maybe Hawaii’s laws would greatly benefit you. Then again, so could a personal injury attorney!

Royal History

Hawaii is peculiar for the fact that it is the only state that still recognizes a monarchy as an official part of their history. The British Empire used to control much of the U.S., but Hawaii is unique because their king and monarchy were specific to their culture and their population and did not come from somewhere else. They still recognize this rich and proud history today and it is widely celebrated. The monarchy no longer rules, but they still celebrate royal holidays with parades, feasts, and other events. There are also a lot of royal areas of the country like palaces and museums. Hawaii is certainly unique compared to other states for this reason.

Unique Nature of the Islands

It would not be a list of Hawaii without mentioning nature. While it is widely known that the islands are among some of the most breathtaking views in the world, there is more to them. The islands are home to many volcanoes, some of which are currently active, and this means some unique occurrences can happen. These volcanoes help contribute to the size of the islands because the lava runoff solidifies and is officially added to the size of the island. That makes Hawaii a continuously growing state, which is something others cannot brag about. There is also some bad news, as Hawaii loses a lot of its wildlife population in the water and birds due to pollution or natural causes, but they have banned plastic bags to fight human effects on animals. 

Native Population and Culture

Hawaiians are an official race of people, unlike calling yourself a New Yorker because you live somewhere, Hawaiians are specific to the islands. Much of their origin can be traced back to Polynesian settlers on the islands. Their language is unique to the region with similarities to some Asian dialects. The total population of Hawaii is about 1.4 million people, with over 400 000 living in their capital of Honolulu. This means that Hawaii is one of the smaller states in terms of population size, and even less so is the population of their native Hawaiians. Only about 10% of the population is native Hawaiian. They have their language, as mentioned, which makes Hawaii the only state with two official languages. The culture is evident everywhere in the form of kindness to one another, lei’s, and the traditions that are still practiced today. Hawaii is interesting for the very important culture that it has.

You can see how Hawaii is more than just a pretty place. While it should not be understated just how pretty the state is, there is more to it than meets the eye. The unique geography of the island with volcanoes, to the long and storied traditions and cultures that involve royalty, this state stands out compared to others and in the best possible way with all of these peculiar details.