Perth to Mandurah Day trip by Train

Things to Do in Mandurah
Things to Do in Mandurah

Perth to Mandurah Day trip by Train

The train line from Perth to Mandurah is a 51-minute journey starting at Perth’s underground train station; Mandurah is a popular day-trip destination. Located just 72 km south of Perth, Mandurah, Western Australia’s second-largest city, is bordered by the Indian Ocean, Peel-Harvey Estuary and the Serpentine River, making it a naturally nautical place. What started as a modest fishing village became a thriving tourist destination. International visitors flock to its beaches and protected waterways for fishing and boating.

Mandurah by Rail

The Mandurah railway line is a hybrid suburban rail/rapid transit railway line on the Transperth Trains network in Western Australia that runs from Perth south to Mandurah. For part of its route, it traverses the median strip of the Kwinana Freeway.

Transperth Mandurah Train Line

Take the Transperth Mandurah train line from the Underground or Esplanade stations in Perth City. If you’re coming from the northern suburbs on the Clarkson line, your train will probably go directly to Mandurah after passing through the city.

The Perth to Mandurah railway is described as one of the most forward-thinking pieces of infrastructure development. The Transperth network has been using electric multiple-unit railcars exclusively ever since it was electrified.

Route Options

By car, you have two options: the fastest route is to take the Kwinana Freeway, exiting onto Mandjoogoordap Drive. This connects to Mandurah Road, which leads into the city centre. Otherwise, enjoy the scenic route along South Western Highway to Old Coast Road, which connects to Forrest Highway and Mandurah.

Mandjar bay

We headed down to Mandurah by train, which takes only about an hour. Our first stop was for lunch at the Red Manna restaurant on the foreshore, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch of fresh regional specialities and a great view of Mandjar Bay. Perth to Mandurah Day trip by Train

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