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Are you looking to travel and bring back postcard type pictures? Have you ever been on an amazing trip but don’t have the photos to match the memories?

Photography Made Easy offer great intimate photography courses around Melbourne’s Laneways with personal tours with the owner and professional photographer Martin Bonnicci. Martin Bonnicci will take you through all the steps of how to use your manual camera settings to capture those snap shot moments that your automatic pictures just can’t compete with. If you’re starting out on your travels around Australia or if you’re an Australian looking to brush up on your skills before travelling the World then BBM highly recommend at least going on a short course with Photography Made Easy.

Photography Made Easy offers workshops in Melbourne each week, as well as a specially selected workshop in Malta and Gozo in March and October/November yearly. 2 week master classes in both exotic locations give eager photographers the chance to capture some shots in many beautiful locations, especially in Malta. With locations including cathedrals, presidential palaces, ancient temples and Chapels on the list, your photography journey will only just begin with this beautiful expedition. Due to the excluse places workshop participants will be visiting, only 6 people can go along to this stunning journey, and the accommodation is self-contained, with a lovely 3 star hotel in Malta at the Bay View the ideal location for this journey.

Photography Made Easy Workshops

Photography Made Easy offers three extensive photography workshops that include inspirational techniques that showcase Melbourne in an informative walking tour of this great city.

Weather you’re visiting Melbourne for a holiday or living in Melbourne Photography Made Easy will give you the opportunity to develop your photography skills and take home those amazing professional images you only ever see in postcards or promo flyers.

Photography made easy offers a range of course all aimed at one thing, you guessed it, making photography easy.

Photography Made Easy Gift Vouchers

A Photography Made Easy Gift Voucher is a unique gift idea for any photography enthusiast and or traveller wishing to increase their knowledge of Photography and Melbourne.

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