Picking Up A Trustworthy Removalist on the Gold Coast

person overload with boxes

If you plan on moving to another home or you want to put some of your belongings in storage, you will be needing a removal company to assist you in dealing with that situation. There are many removal companies in the Gold Coast for you to choose from, but finding something reliable and affordable as well as within your vicinity can pose a challenge if you do not know what you are looking for. 

Here are some things that you need to consider before picking a trustworthy removalist for your belongings. 

Scope Them Out

Never be too shy to scope your choices. When looking for a removal company that will be carrying all of your belongings from one place to another, try to be meticulous with who these people are. Picking a Gold Coast removalist that is close by is not only convenient, but has many different benefits. For example, you can always visit the premises and talk to the people in charge. Getting to know the company you’ll be dealing with is always a plus, and can put your mind at ease that your belongings will be handled with care. Scoping out their headquarters and their vehicles will give you a chance to see if they provide the quality you are looking for or is it all just a façade. 

Look at Reviews

After narrowing down the search for removal companies take a look at different reviews. It has become quite easy to find reliable reviews online, so fortunately this step will not take you a long time to accomplish. You can also find many websites dedicated to comparing and finding the differences between various removal companies around you. Take the time to contact reviewers, if possible, and get some deeper insight into their experiences. You should keep an eye out for past customers who set out to destroy a company’s reputation for things that were out of the company’s scope so when judging whether a removalist is trustworthy or not, try making a well informed decision based on multiple reasons

Are They Candid?

Being open about services and cost makes all the difference in any relationship, and this goes double with removalists. First, it is very important to find out what you want done. Do you want them to take your items into storage? Do you want them to move your items to a specific place? And most importantly what kind of items you want moved. Different items being moved are priced differently, so being aware of what you want will give you the chance to get proper quotes. Companies that are blunt and to the point are the ones you’ll trust the most. When there are no hidden costs and no surprises, the experience will be flawless.


One of the factors that make some removalists more trustworthy than others is whether they have insurance available to cover any type of damage that might have been caused by them at any point during the moving process as well as any other service they provide such as storage or unloading and installing appliances. When looking for a trustworthy removalist, ask them for their insurance policies to see if any damages incurred will be paid or will you be putting your belongings at risk with no guarantee of the objects staying intact and in the same condition as before their removal. Insurance is also important because it gives you an idea of whether or not the company you are going to hire is careful about providing the best service possible or they are just looking to take your money and giving you subpar removals. 


After finding out what your needs are, you need to ask the companies you are going to potentially hire whether they offer such services or not. The better the services offered by the company, the less worried you should be about them not being able to handle your requests. You should also have an idea of how much they charge on each service offered so you do not end up spending a lot of money on a company when you can get the same service for less from another one. Some companies will offer you certain package deals or discounts if your requests meet certain criteria so do not hesitate to ask potential removalists whether or not they are going to offer you any type of discount if you decide to hire their company. 

Have Contingencies

Sometimes during the few days before moving your stuff, a situation might occur that calls for a delay of the move. Before even signing a contract with any removalist you need to check their delays policy to ensure that you do not end up wasting your money on a move that will not happen as scheduled. Checking these policies for removalists available near you will significantly help you in the choosing process. Some removalist companies ask for a full advanced payment and do not offer a refund if there is a change in plans. Other removalists may ask for a small deposit to be paid when signing the removal contract, a long time before the move itself, and the rest of the money to be paid after the move. These companies are a better choice because even if they do not have a delays policy, you will not have lost all of the money; instead you will only lose the deposit you paid which is better in the grand scheme of things. 

Get the Best Removalist Out There

Using these simple yet effective tips, you will be able to easily pick the best and most trustworthy removalist in the Gold Coast. If you do your research as thoroughly as possible instead of randomly picking a company and throwing caution to the wind, you will have a much more facilitated more than you could ever dream of. You will also be able to root out the removalist companies that you should avoid at all costs because not only will they put your belongings at risk, but they will also be careless and give you a lower quality than what you are paying for.