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Non-Australian residents always say they will not visit the land of down under due to its animals. And while people say this, they still visit this beautiful country. Australia is known for many things, including food, its coastline, friendly people, and some legendary landmarks. This Southern Hemisphere country is also a nation of many best place travel lists since it comes with a range of unique experiences. How would you begin to plan your trip if you were to travel to Australia? What would you take into consideration? Well, to help you, we will look at how to plan an unforgettable trip to Australia.

How will you get there?

Look, flying isn’t the only way to travel the world; however, if you are lucky enough to enjoy private jet flights, you’ll be in the best seat to get to the land of down under. If you are flying in luxury, that’s great. You can plan what you want to do and see while travelling there and completely miss out on disruptions from other travellers.

What do you want to see?

A simple Google search will show you what other tourists and locals say about Australia and what you need to see. You can start at this point. Look at lists like these to find inspiration for your trip. Ask yourself, is this a beach, city, or countryside holiday? Do you want to see nature and animals, go surfing, or drink and eat your way through the country? Or is it a combination of all of these? This makes sense if the idea is to see as much as possible.

While there are different experiences to choose from, it can become quite difficult to decide what to pick. So, the advice here is to make a list of what you want to see and then add to it once you arrive in the country. This is because you might see another experience you haven’t even thought about, so you can easily check where you can slot it in.

Visit Australia

Make sure you’ve checked when it’s best to travel

We think that no matter where you travel to, you have to check the best time to visit that particular country. So, when is the best time to visit Australia? For example, the weather plays a massive part in deciding when you want to visit. For Australia, summer is ideal; temperatures range from 18 to 25°C, making it bearable and warm enough to catch a tan. Winter isn’t that bad either, certainly nothing like a European winter; however, the lowest temperature ever recorded was in 1994 at −23°C.

Weather is not the only thing you should be checking. There are times of the year when certain things occur. For example, there are festivals, music events, food experiences, and so much more. So, it’s great to check and plan your trip around something you want to see. You should also check the different regions. Since Australia is such a massive place, it has many places to see. Check what each region offers at a particular time of year too.

Decide on the duration of your stay

It’s important to decide what you want to see as far in advance as possible. This will help to determine how much time you need. But also, if you have already established a way to travel, such as you only vacation for five days in one place, then you can go with this too. For some travellers, no matter where they go, they only spend a certain amount of time in a place. Some people prefer a week in one country, while others simply enjoy only four days, so it depends on your preference.

Bilgola Beach, Australia

What are the must-see places? How to Plan an Unforgettable Trip in Australia.

This is an easy one. The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, The Outback, Tasmania, Kangaroo Island, Great Ocean Road, and more. These are the basics, but did you know you can do island hopping tours? Yes! And they serve you epic ocean views; who wouldn’t want to see turquoise waters? If you are in Queensland, you can do an island-hopping tour at Whitsunday Islands. There are a total of 74 islands, so it’s something that can keep you quite busy.

Then there is a luxury train ride throughout this Oceanic nation. Yes, Australia has it all. It’s one of the best rail journeys in the world. You can travel from Darwin to Adelaide or vice versa. The Ghan Train takes you through the Outback, and you get off-training adventures in Alice Springs and Katherine. This three-day trip also features glorious food and drinks and is nearly 3000 km long.

If you are travelling from Adelaide, you’ll be transported to the Outback, but before you do, you can see some sights in Adelaide and enjoy a delicious lunch. By the second day, you are in the Outbound, and the rumour is that seeing the Outback via this train is the best experience possible.

Of course, if you’d rather experience the speed and convenience of air travel, you won’t experience a shortage of luxury – particularly when you opt for a private jet flight. Whatever your mode of transport, you can rest assured that your trip to Australia will indeed be unforgettable.

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