Planning an Exciting Pigeon Forge Vacation: Everything You Need to Know

Pigeon Forge

When considering what destination to travel to on your next vacation, there are a variety of options to consider. Most people find themselves looking at world renowned locations such as Miami or Los Angeles, but these locations tend to be overloaded with tourists and far too expensive for most people’s tastes. 

Instead, considering traveling to lesser known, yet equally as exciting, locations around the states. In particular, Pigeon Forge is one of the best cities in the country and offers countless activities for travelers to enjoy. Learn everything there is to know about this dynamic and exciting destination so that you can plan your trip today. 

Where is Pigeon Forge?

Given that Pigeon Forge is a smaller city in the world, it would be completely acceptable to not know where it is actually located. This vibrant city is located in Eastern Tennessee within the United States, just outside the Great Smoky Mountains which makes for an excellent backdrop to the town. The city itself is a mountain resort that is specifically located in Sevier County, with a population of just over 6,000 as of the last census. 

How Expensive is a Pigeon Forge Vacation?

Naturally, before a person considers a vacation to a destination as unique as Pigeon Forge, they will be curious as to the cost associated with the travel. The national average two-person vacation cost for a week currently sits at just under $4,000, though this is for a destination that is typically notoriously expensive and full of tourists. 

For those who fly, it is reasonable to expect domestic tickets to cost around $1,300 in total, with an extra $130 for the parking at the airport. However, activity costs can fluctuate greatly in Pigeon Forge depending upon what a person wants to do. Those looking to explore the mountains can do so for relatively cheap, and most of the food in Pigeon Forge is reasonably price as well. Therefore, a Pigeon Forge vacation may only cost 50-75% of the national average week-long vacation cost for two people.  

3 Fun Activities to Consider in Pigeon Forge

With the destination and cost outlined, it’s only right to offer up some potential activities to consider when visiting this gorgeous mountain resort town. Most people know Pigeon Forge for the famous Dollywood that was built by Dolly Parton, but the following three activities standout on their own as “must try” options: 

1. Wild Stallion Alpine Mountain Coaster

Serving as the longest mountain coaster in the Southeast, this 1.25-mile long open-air coaster is fun for the whole family. With nothing strapping you to the seat except for a seatbelt, riders control the speed at which they descend down the tracks. This means that any rider can take in the beauty of the scenery at their own pace without needing to get their adrenaline going. The coaster also sits on the roader land of the SkyLand Ranch which offers everything from live entertainment to canopy walks to keep you busy after the ride. 

2. Rowdy Bear Amusement Park

Those looking to get their blood pumping should consider taking a trip to the Rowdy Bear Amusement Park that is home to some of the city’s most famous attractions. Rides and events such as the tubing hill, power coasters, axe throwing, and more make this an amusement park that is fun for adults and children alike. Additionally, the tubing hill is the longest in all of Tennessee at 500 feet long with a 70-foot drop. 

3. Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Tours

Finally, those who want to get in touch with the outdoors should consider taking a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains via a jeep tour out of Pigeon Forge. Every tour explores a different destination of the park, meaning a person could schedule back-to-back tours and see something completely different each time. Consider taking in the natural beauty of Tennessee the next time you visit. 

4. Plan a fun and exciting vacation today

While Pigeon Forge, Tennessee may not have been the first location that came to mind when thinking about where to go on your next vacation, it will certainly leave you wanting to return. For those who have never been to Tennessee either, don’t stop at just Pigeon Forge. The famous city of Gatlinburg is close by, along with many other cities that aren’t too far of a drive away. In fact, a family can plan something of a Tennessee road trip if they truly wanted to, making for an unforgettable vacation experience.