Planning to Spend Your Holiday in Cape Town? Read This First

Planning to Spend Your Holiday in Cape Town

In South Africa, Cape Town is righteously the most popular town that offers a plethora of activities and experiences for people of all age groups and genders. You can witness people with diverse cultures and races thriving harmoniously in this beautiful town. With clear waters and serene beaches, it is almost a tropical lover’s abode. Often referred to as the ‘Mother City’ of South Africa, this destination should definitely be on your travel list. 

So, if it is, here is a guide to educate you on all aspects of Cape Town.

Best Time to Visit

If you truly desire to experience Cape Town’s clear waters and beaches, summer is the ideal time to bathe in the sun. Spring offers a rather colorful town and is suitable for tourists who want to go sightseeing. For a more laid-back experience, you can visit during autumn and winter, as it is more preferable to hike and go for whale watching during those months. Depending on the activity you want to do, you can choose the time to visit by yourself.

Major Attractions

Table Mountain

This landmark is the identity of Cape Town, and you must’ve definitely seen it in wallpapers or postcards of Cape Town. As its name suggests, the mountain has a flat top and is located within a national park. It is around 3500 feet high and can be accessed with a cable car. 

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Opened for the first time in 1913, these gardens host some of the most exotic plant types in the entire area of Southern Africa. Located just alongside the Table Mountain, this spot offers a picturesque view of the entire panorama. You can reach the top of the mountain by hiking through the trail within these gardens.

Robben Island

You can access this isolated island through a ferry on the V&A Waterfront. It is most famously known as the island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. Thriving since centuries and having a great historical significance, Robben Island is a must visit in Cape Town.


With limitless options of lodging and accommodation, you’re all set. You can choose between a hotel, self-catering stay, and a guest house, depending on your budget and other needs. A majority of experienced travellers who provide Cape Town holiday information, suggest booking a villa for a family that is going to have a longer stay. If you don’t prefer any particular area for accommodation, we’d suggest staying in Atlantic Seaboard, as it’s highly recommended by tourists themselves. 

Dining and Shopping

Cape Town hosts some of the most magnificent vineyards in the entire world, so you can imagine the quality of wine you can try there. With some of the best restaurants in the world, you can definitely proclaim Cape Town as a foodie’s hub. The must-try food items in Cape Town include their seafood and wine. You can visit any of the famous restaurants which have recently opened, including Ye Olde Test Kitchen, Surfshack, or Fyn.

Shopping in Cape Town is also renowned. The best location to buy souvenirs and gifts is the Green Market Square in the City Centre. To buy more intricate and local products, you can visit the Sunday Hout Bay Market that offers products and items handcrafted by artisans.

Things to Do

Planning to Spend Your Holiday in Cape Town

Whether you’re an art nerd, adventure junkie, or a shopping enthusiast; Cape Town will fulfill all your wishes. There’s something for everyone. 

Experience an outdoor movie night at the Galileo Open Air Cinema

To add fun to your already exciting holiday, Cape Town has one of the best open-air cinemas that invites you and your family for a fun night together. It screens only blockbuster hits and is a major attraction among tourists.

A Day Out At The Beach

Visiting Cape Town and not taking a day off along the beach is simply pointless. While you lay on the white sand and witness the amazing sunset across the horizon, your children can take a stroll along the shore or engage in building sandcastles. There are a lot of famous beaches to choose from like Clifton Beach, Boulders Beach, Glen Beach, and Bakoven.

Extreme Sports

With a great balance between high cliffs and flat beaches, the landscapes in Cape Town invite you to experience some of the most adventurous outdoor sports like hiking, parasailing, or scuba diving. 

Whether you want a luxurious trip or a decent backpacking adventure, Cape Town offers you all kinds of experiences. If you’ve been thinking of visiting this heavenly location, it’s high time you booked your trip now!