Playing Figures at iGaming Sites in Australia are on the Rise

Playing Figures at iGaming Sites in Australia are on the Rise

Australians are known to enjoy a gamble, and the laws surrounding betting and casinos in the country have always been relaxed. The online casino sector is the next big thing, and interest in that way of playing has shot up as the internet has become ubiquitous. 

Recent research from the Australian Government found that more people than ever gambled online for the first time last year. This has led to greater competition from online casinos, who end up improving their offers for players.

11 Per Cent of Australians Enjoy Online Gambling

New research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority found that there has been a spike in people gambling in Australia over the last two years. In 2022, 11 per cent of people in the country reported gambling online at some point over the past six months. That figure is up from eight per cent in 2020. 

These playing figures have risen for a variety of reasons. One factor is the easier access to high-speed internet around the country, meaning that people can play on the move. Another is that the quality of entertainment provided has improved as well, with online casinos now providing a lot of choice for players. 

Increased Interest has Led to Competitive Offers

The online casino industry has always been awash with offers, and it’s thanks to these promotions that it has been able to flourish. As more players express interest in the pastime, a greater number of sites crop up. This breeds fierce competition and leads to even better bonuses for players. It’s clear that this is happening in Australia now, with attractive welcome bonuses designed to stand out and win players over. 

Sites have gone above and beyond to introduce deals that appeal to a wide range of players. For instance, PlayAmo Casino offers a $300 deposit match to newcomers, alongside 150 free spins. The comprehensive welcome bonus gives players a good chance to explore the casino and see what it has to offer before they spend any of their own money. 

It’s reasonable to expect that as more people start to get involved with online casino gaming in Australia, the better the offers will become. It’s a bustling market, and one that is attracting interest from international companies.

Playing Figures at iGaming Sites in Australia are on the Rise

Other International Operators May See Australia as the Next Big Market

International casino brands are always hunting for the next big market to tap into, where there are brand new players to attract. There’s no doubt that big names will have seen the rise of playing figures in Australia and realised that this is a country to target. They can do this by gearing their offers and promotions to the Australian market, as well as providing games that are popular in the country. 

The iGaming market is one of the internet’s greatest success stories, and it has been highly lucrative for economies around the world. Now, Australia is benefiting from surging interest in the sector, and it will attract more interest from international corporations in the future.