Starting to Play Golf in Your New Job? Here's a Few Tips From a Pro on Selecting the Best Grip

Useful Tips From Experts In Selecting A Better Golf Grip

Useful Tips From Experts In Selecting A Better Golf Grip

Knowing how to hold onto a golf club is one thing and understanding the importance of a good grip is another. The golf club grip you use can significantly affect the quality of your swing by influencing ball trajectory. It impacts on your ball striking consistency, feel and comfort. Expert golfers say that golf grip is the cornerstone of every single swing and can either make you hook or slice. Every serious golfer will tell you that using an old, damaged or worn golf club grip can seriously hamper your overall golfing performance. If you play over 50 rounds in a year, then you have to replace your golf grips annually.

In case you’re planning to select the right golf grip, then below are expert tips to guide you.

Understand your hands and the size of your current grips properly

Evaluate your hands to understand the grip you want. Start with size, how you hold your grip and the position of your fingers. This helps you to decide whether you’re using an undersized, mid-sized or oversized grip. The grips you use should be proportional to the size of your hands. Using a small grip can lead to over-rotating of the hand through the impact. This often results in stray shots far away from the actual target. Similarly, using a grip that is too large can make it hard for you to handle the club. An oversize grip can also lead to missed shots. The level of control, consistency, and accuracy are all determined by the size of the grip and positioning of your fingers.

The grip texture is key

Texture affects both traction and tact of your golf grip. If you have sweaty hands or you’ll be playing in wet weather, then you need to select a good golf grip material that suits your playing needs. The materials that are commonly used include silicon, rubber, plastic, elastomer, and leather. Silicone, rubber, and elastomer provide natural tack texture. The type of material used affects the comfort and feel you get from your grips. Rubber is very flexible, durable and easy to customize. A grip that is flexibly molded to match the shape of your hand is very essential.

How tight is it?

Ensure that the grip is neither too firm nor too light. Grasping your grip too firm can make your knuckles to turn white. On the other hand, a too light grip can make you lose control of your golf club. This can lead to inconsistent strikes which can affect your golfing performance. Your hands should be soft yet firm enough to give you proper control.

Make it as neutral as possible

You want to hold your club naturally as this helps you to learn and adapt to your game. The extent of your left-hand rotation is influenced by the strength of your grip. As a rule of thumb, if you notice two or more knuckles on the left hand, then it means the grip is strong. In case you notice no knuckles once you rotate your left hand anti-clockwise, then it means it is a soft grip.

Although it may seem insignificant, golf grips affect the quality of your game. It determines your striking consistency, quality, feel and comfort. You should give a great deal of thought to the type, size and quality of golf grips you use. For a better golf grip selection, understand your hands, texture, pressure and make it very neutral.