Produce & Label Boss DJ Licious Talks Belgium Clubs And Fantasia Festival

Produce & Label Boss DJ Licious Talks Belgium Clubs And Fantasia Festival

Can you please intro yourself in a few words and tell us who you are by day and who you are by night?

I’m DJ Licious. By day I am a producer & label boss, by night I play the music I love in clubs & festivals around the world. When I have some spare time, which almost never happens, you can find me gaming or playing some sports.

How’s the start of the European summer festival/clubbing season going for you? Is it too early to ask for highlights?

The festival/clubbing season gradually kicked off a few weeks ago, like every year, but will be in full effect as of this weekend. It is not too soon to ask for highlights yet, one of the most memorable gigs I ever had was “Kings day” in the Netherlands at the end of April. I played at Slam! for 20k people and I almost never felt so much energy coming from the crowd in my career.

Can you tell us a little about where you live? What’s the clubbing/electronic music scene like?

I am from Antwerp, Belgium. We have some legendary clubs here, some have been around for almost 30 years and new ones are coming every year too. But in general the whole clubbing scene is having a tough time, people don’t go out as much as they used to or go to different things. Next to that, I think our electronic music scene has never been bigger in Belgium. We have a lot of talent like: Lost Frequencies, The Magician, Oscar & the Wolf and many more… and I am not even mentioning our Festival scene with Tomorrowland of course leading the pack.

Can you recommend any clubs/bars?

The club where I lost my heart and the reason why I became a DJ is “La Rocca” (still open after 30 years). It is still an amazing club to play and dance in. “Club Vaag” is a young club but I’ve had many legendary nights there as well. “Club Lima” is brand new and has a more disco vibe to it, but I predict great things for that club as well. For all techno lovers there is only one place to be right now and that is the legendary “Kompass Klub”. “Charlatan” is the place to be if you want to be musically surprised; they have all kinds of parties and styles of music and the dj’s are always amazing selectors.

Do you have a favourite restaurant or cafe?

Well, I am a meatlover myself, so you can always find me in a good meat restaurant, but to really name one…. Antwerp has an amazing centre filled with the best bars and restaurants from every corner of the world, the perks of living in a city with a big harbour.

Where’s the best place to party during the day? Do you have any good day clubs or annual festivals?

Well, during the day no clubs are open on a regular basis here in Belgium, but festivals, my god, I don’t know where to start, we have soooooo many. Of course there is Tomorrowland, which is the absolute best in Belgium and the world for electronic music, but you have many more like Pukkelpop, Dour, Hype-O-Dream, Ostend Beach, Lokerse Feesten, Maanrock …. The list is endless!

Do you currently hold any residencies? Can you tell us more about that?

I am currently resident at Club Lima, a very cool boutique club in Antwerp and of course I am hosting my own SHOMI nights around Belgium with stage hostings at Tomorrowland, Sunrise Festival, Tribu festivals and a few clubs during the winter.

Where else will you be playing this summer in Europe? What are you most looking forward to?

I am playing at Parookaville in Germany, always a pleasure and one of my favourite festivals in Europe. And of course my gigs in Ibiza, those are always special + I am making my debut at Eden Ibiza and some other legendary club I cannot disclose yet this summer! Exciting times ahead. J

Can you give us three recommendations for clubs or festivals our readers should visit this year?

If you can get tickets, Tomorrowland is one you have to see once in your life, it is like nothing else. Sziget festival blew my mind last year as well and club wise, you can never go wrong with a night at Pacha Ibiza.

Anything else you would like to add/plug?

Just a big thank you to all the fans out there! Every year I think to myself: This is as good as it gets, and every time the new year beats the previous one. That is only possible because of my loving family, friends and certainly not least, you the fan. Blessed to have you with me on this adventure.

DJ Licious Will Play in Fantasia Festival, Belgium ( July 6th, 2019 )