Pros and Cons of Gambling in New Zealand

Pros and Cons of Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealand has become a growing market when it comes to the world of online gambling. With its increased revenue and business propositions, there can be many advantages to coming over to a country that grants such benefits. However, because it is still relatively new to the online gambling scene, there can be certain disadvantages as well. Many of which may turn you off from entering the casino industry of New Zealand, as some can be detrimental to your finances. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for when it comes to New Zealand gambling.

1. Reliable News Sources

New Zealand has worked hard to help offer as much information as they can to deliver the latest developments of the online gambling industry. The key to this is to help create wonderful review sites that have been shared from all over the world. Even people from other countries will look towards these sites to see what the gambling climate is like in New Zealand. The purpose of a review site is to not just offer information, but even provide playable demos and first-looks to the games so that players can see for themselves how it all works.

Review sites in New Zealand have everything you need to know about the best casinos recommended by the country, including some of the best slot machines like the Lord of the Ocean slot. There are different categories of casinos that you can look into to see who provides the best service. For example, if you want a casino that has a decent selection of live games, check out the live casino category on the sub-menu. The best part is you can find which casino has the best running promotions on a weekly basis. See if you can nab yourself some extra bonuses for when you sign up like free spins or cashback payouts.

2. Rise in Gambling Harm

Although this certain factor may sound scary, this is currently the facts performed from recent research. Because New Zealand is still new to gambling, one of the most important elements of gambling is currently needing improvement. This would be the protection of gamblers and the risk of related disorders. Things like addiction or poor finances can be the result of mishandling the safety measures needed for gamblers to play the games without any worry, to be able to play, knowing they won’t suffer any long-lasting effects.

The Health and Safety government in New Zealand released an official report to discuss the impact gambling has had on the community and ways to measure it in order to take precautions. Currently, many projects have taken place at the Gambling and Addictions Research Centre and the Auckland University of Technology. These are all working to find new methods to help prevent gambling-related disorders due to the rise of this industry taking place in the country. While you may not find the help you want, these developments will hopefully improve things in the near future.

3. Proper Licensing and Protection

The most prominent part of New Zealand gambling is the dedication they take towards protecting the more physical details of gamblers. This includes the developments of gambling licences and protection services for the online casinos themselves. New Zealand still has a lot of laws that prevent certain actions from being taken. This is why it is imperative that the licence companies do everything they can to make sure these upcoming casinos follow all of these rules and regulations. So that all gamblers in this country can enjoy themselves on the safe side of the law.

Under the Gambling Act 2003, the casino licences will follow these rules as their main template. From this, they were able to develop their own licence authority right here in the country. The New Zealand Gambling Commission is established as a primary source of legislation for those who wish to set up in New Zealand. You can view their official website to give you all the details on how they handle things if you have any questions. When it comes to gambling in the country, you can be sure that they will handle all of the necessary requirements to make sure you are protected by proper safety measures.

4. Difficult to Setup a Casino

Because there are a lot of legislations that are in place and new rules to follow, it can be extraordinarily difficult to set up an online casino in the country. The New Zealand Gambling Commission has a strict guideline that the upcoming casino must pass if they wish to gain the authority to establish themselves. Sometimes it can take several weeks or even several months before the casino has permission to register. Even though there is a lot of time to be taken, it is all necessary to ensure the law is being followed.

Another factor which can be difficult to overcome is the price. The cost of legislation and gaining the licence can be high. The licence fee for some states can lead up to $45,000. Some can get it for cheaper, but there will be greater restrictions placed. The fewer restrictions you want, the more you will have to pay. Not to mention that the taxes on top of it will cost the casino annually. Up to 6.5% tax can be added from their revenue, so keep in mind the costs of not only setting up the casino but keeping it running in the first place.

Closing Note

New Zealand gambling can be summarized as safe and secure. They have some of the best casinos available that have been reviewed and assessed by some of the best licences in the business. Leading to their own development of licensing, this gives them the authorization to look after their own casinos and become a strong contender in the world. While there may be issues with setting things up and the gambling healthcare system has a long way to go, you will never find a more prominent and dedicated base towards building a strong community of fellow gamblers.