Pubs in Sydney Australia

Pubs in Sydney Australia

Sydney is the place to be if you’re all about that pub life. This city is teeming with pubs that are just waiting to be explored. From trendy gastropubs to cosy neighbourhood bars, Sydney has got it all. So, check out this amazing list we’ve put together of the best pubs in Sydney!

Churchills Sports Bar

PJ Obriens

Bat and Ball Hotel Sydney

The Palace Hotel

The Glebe Hotel

Formerly known as the Australian Youth Hotel, the Glebe Hotel is one of Sydney’s best pub’s, offering quality food and drinks form a welcoming and friendly staff. 

Address: 63 Bay Street, Glebe, Sydney NSW 2037

Telephone number: 02 9692 0414

Hotel Ravesis

Hotel Ravesis is situated in the heart of Bondi Beach in Sydney. It is a classic beachside public bar with an indoor dining area with a late night club area as well. 

Address: 118 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

Telephone number: (02) 9365 4422

The Paddo Inn

The Paddo Inn has been around for a long time. It is located in the buzzing heart of Paddington. The pub is full of life, welcoming, and iconic. It is all about good food, drinks, sports, and friends. 

Address: 338 Oxford St Paddington, Sydney, NSW 2021

Telephone number: 02 9380 5913

Email: [email protected]

The Unicorn

The Unicorn Hotel is the place to be to share food with friends. The place is ideal to relax, meet up with friends, and have a drink. 

Address: 106 Oxford Street, Paddington

The Paddington

The Paddington is a warm and welcoming venue. It is one of the best pubs in Oxford Street with parmesan custard, roast chook, and a cocktail bar.  

Address: 380 Oxford Street, Paddington

Telephone number: (02) 9240 3000

The Lord Raglan Hotel

The Lord Raglan Hotel has a humble and quirky vide and offers a haven of craft beers, friendly service, and quick vibes. 

Address: 12 Henderson Road (Cnr Wyndham St), Redfern NSW 2016

Telephone number: +61 2 9699 4767

Email: [email protected]

The Village Inn

The Village Inn is the first pub to be opened in the Paddington village. The sun-drenched balcony is the ideal place to soak up the air of Paddington with wine, cold beer, and one of the many cocktails available. 

Address: 9-11 Glenmore Rd, Sydney, New South Wales 2021 Australia

Telephone number: 02 9331 0911

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