Pure Milk Unpack Food Court Days With Coming-of-age EP

Pure Milk Unpack Food Court Days

A relatable nod to growing pains, suburban slickers Pure Milk warmly welcome their new EP Food Court Days. A soft-punk parade of teen angst and nostalgia, Food Court Days is a wholesome ode to the glory days, tangled in edge and emotion.

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Pure Milk Unpack Food Court Days

Featuring already-released singles “Dreams on a Platter” and the self-titled single “Food Court Days”, the 6-track EP is rooted in alternative stylings and sentimentality.

Reflecting on the mundane joys and scuffles of adolescent youth, lead singer Lewis shares what the EP means to him, “Food Court Days is an ode to the place where I spent my teen years. As a teen, all I knew about the world probably came from Pacific Fair food court. Those memories – for better or worse – shape who I am today.

A cosy conjuring of rock, the EP’s punchy riffs and attitudes are softened by clean tones and contemplative lyricism. Lewis dives into the recording process, “We recorded this in my parents shed over a week last summer. We only had a week, so everything had to be finished. They were very open sessions, people coming and going whenever they could make it, songs jostling for position to have their moment in the sun. Everything had to feel authentic, nothing else was important.

Opening Food Court Days is adoring indie-ballad “Green Fields”, a warm and fuzzy track about Lewis’ cherished pup Pablo. Track two sees Lew sink his teeth into a new city with gritty “Dreams on a Platter”.

A melting pot of twang and wit, Lewis wrestles with self-worth and pulls apart toxic masculinity in focus track “Men/I Despise”, with themes of arrogance and false-confidence bleeding over in angsty “No Mood”.

Rounding out the EP is neighbourhood anthem “Indecision” a colourful close of cheery hooks and chorus harmonies before bringing it home with era defining “Food Court Days”.

Turning heads with their 2020 EP release Garden Anxiety, the band quickly gained Double J rotation and received numerous triple j spins from Richard Kingsmill and Declan Byrne. Winning over hometown crowds with their jovial stage presence, the band have shared lineups with some of indie/rock’s favourites, including DZ Deathrays and Eliza & The Delusionals and festivals Mountain Goat Valley Crawl and Crafted Festival. With a collection of notable achievements under their belt and plenty of industry love, the Queensland quintet are in it for the long haul.

Food Court Days EP is available now wherever you consume great music.

Food Court Days

1.  Green Fields
2.  Dreams on a Platter
3.  Men/I Despise
4.  No Mood
5.  Indecision
6.  Food Court Days


“Pure Milk make adorably warm indie pop, the type that was once delivered a few songs at a time on short CD runs through Candle records at the turn of the century.” – The Guardian

“Gold Coast quintet Pure Milk offer a very relatable stanzas about the anxiety of everyday life over glorious guitar pop, sounding a little like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, a little like Bob Dylan and a lot like themselves, which is the key.” – Dan Condon, Double J

“You guys keep delivering the goods.” Zan Rowe, Double J