Best Car And Camper Van Hire In Cairns QLD

Best Car And Camper Van Hire In Cairns QLD

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Best Car And Camper Van Hire In Cairns QLD

Discover Best Car And Camper Van Hire In Cairns QLD!

There are many companies hiring cars and Campervans in Cairns and you can select one according to your budget and requirements.

Wicked budget campervan hire can take you on the most popular road trip in Australia – the stunning East-Coast road trip from Cairns to Sydney/Melbourne (or vice versa). One of the best parts about taking a Cairns camper van hire is that you don’t need to lug your gear with you. You can simply use the storage in the campervan underneath your bedding. The Cairns cheap camper van has everything – pots, pans, cutlery, a water container, a gas cooker and even the kitchen sink. You can self-drive wherever you want, whenever you want.

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Campervan, 4WD, AWD, 4X4 Hire Cape York

They Specialize in 4WD, 4X4, AWD hire in Northern Queensland. Want to see more of Australia? Want to see the Gibb River Road, cruise the Mereenie Loop or head north the Cape York? Well Wicked 4×4 hire can get you there for less. With 6 categories of 4WD vehicles for hire, Wicked is the best choice for a great Australian Outback Adventure. So for a great 4WD/AWD or 4X4 Adventure on the Gibb River Road, Ayers Rock, Cape York, Oodnadatta Track or anywhere that’s off the beaten track – hire a Wicked 4X4, 4WD and AWD vehicle and see the real Australia.

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Check the campervans and see which one is the perfect option for you

Iconic Campers the original style camper for the budget conscious traveller.

Premium Campers: the latest Wicked Campers to hit the Australian highways.

Classic Cars: there’s an assortment of hatchbacks, sedans and stationwagons available (all 5-seaters!).

4WD Campervan: 4WD campervan let you get off the beaten track and see more of Australia.

Wicked AWDs: AWD vehicles that are available for your outback adventures.

Mini Campers: shiny little Toyota Corolla’s. Save a tonne on fuel and accom

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