Best Car And Campervan Hire In Brisbane QLD

Best Car And Campervan Hire In Brisbane QLD


Among the best car and campervan hire companies in Brisbane are

Apollo Motorhomes and Cheapa Campa

Apollo offers late model motorhomes in a range of sizes and configurations to cater to your needs.  You can hire small Toyota hitop vans through to top of the range luxury 6 berth motorhomes. All vehicles include unlimited kilometres in the rental rates. Bedding, linen and kitchen equipment are included within the base rental rates as is 24 hour assistance.

Heapa Campa and Real Value Campers Brisbane

They offer a cheaper campervan rental option.  The vehicles are older but are well maintained and have a lot of life left in them.  


Spaceships Australia run a range of converted sleepervans which are essential converted people movers.  These vehicles offer an inexpensive camper rental option in Brisbane. The vehicles are not self-contained so you will need to spend each night at a campsite to use the facilities.  The vehicles do however contain portable stoves and are quite roomy despite the small size.

Maui Motorhomes

Maui offer first class motorhome rental vehicles in Brisbane. Maui have a range of vehicle types from the Maui Ultima – a self-contained 2 berth vehicle with toilet and shower built on the Mercedez Sprinter chasis.

Jucy Rentals

The Jucy brand is one of fun and the spirit of adventure. Their campers are small and easy to drive and great for those looking to travel on a budget.  

Cruisin Motorhomes

Cruisin are an Australian owned and operated business. The Cruisin vehicles are generally late model, between 1-4 years old and so they offer great value.

Travellers Autobarn and Comet Campers

Travellers Autobarn or TAB for short run a range of hitop van conversions mainly based on Toyota chasis’. They offer a great deal for the budget conscious traveller looking to rent a cheap campervan in Brisbane.  

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