Best Surfing Spots on the Gold Coast

Travels and Tours Australia - Day 14: Surfer's Paradise Gold Coast

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Australia’s Gold Coast offers some of the best waves for surfing in the entire country. To get the most out of surfing in Australia, it’s important to know exactly where to find those epic waves. Here, we take a look at where you can find the best surfing in the Gold Coast.

Snapper Rocks

Snapper Rocks’ Southern coast includes Rainbow Bay, Duranbah and Kirra to form a collective called the Superbank. The break of the Superbank is an absolute must for any surfers visiting  the Gold Coast. The Superbank is also where you’ll find international surfing events attracting surfers from around the globe. The waves at this part of the coast are actually right hand point breaks which produce hollow barrel waves, more suited to experienced surfers.

Rainbow Bay

The beach at Rainbow Bay is best suited to intermediate and beginner surfers and includes three point breaks which lead to the longest curl. Patrolled throughout the year, the beach also offers an ideal sheltered swimming section which is adjoining to the shore. The pop-up surfing schools along the shore offer great deals for lessons on surfing for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Currumbin Alley

Locals in the Gold Coast refer to Currumbin Alley as ‘The Alley’ and it’s one of the most celebrated point breaks in the area. The waves here offer some opportunities for both advanced and beginner surfers to try out their skills. Its right hand point break is a good challenge for the more experienced surfer, whilst its white wash breaks are sufficient for beginners. The best bit of ‘The Alley’ is that it offers all year-round opportunities to surf as it’s protected from southerly winds.

Duranbah Beach

Another prominent spot for surfing in the Gold Coast is Duranbah, frequently referred to as ‘D-Bah’ by locals, and is situated more towards the northern side of New South Wales. The surf still remains awesome ,even though the conditions may not always bring about substantial swirls. When wrapping up a day of surfing, you can indulge in some fish and chips while watching the sunset.

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