Cairns Queensland Tours and Travel Options

Cairns Queensland Tours and Travel Options

Cairns Queensland Tours and Travel Options: What are some ways to go on a plethora of fantastic adventures? In search of the ideal spot to soak up some rays and cool down in a lagoon, where might one discover it?

Alternatively, you might attempt to smuggle a beautiful (at the time) stranger into your ten-bed dorm the next night after dancing on the tables in a crowded pub at two in the morning. Instead of spending time with Pete Doherty, you could go to Cairns!

Pronounced Caaaaans in the Australian accent, this tropical paradise will be unlike any other place you’ve gone. They constructed a large and picturesque lagoon on the esplanade because, indeed, the waters and lakes here are teeming with critters that delight in stinging or biting us weak people.

Here the poisonous creatures have been replaced by bronzed sweaty bodies.

You may easily spend half an hour strolling about Cairns, but that won’t stop you from finding something to do in this charming little town.

It is an excellent jumping off point for any and all of your travels. Aside from the must-do scuba diving and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, you can also take a daily ferry to Fitzroy or Green Island and spend the day lounging on the beaches.

And if you’re brave enough, you can try AJ Hackett’s 100 kph jungle swing or a 50 meter bungy jump—just ten minutes outside of town—but you’ll need clean undercrash gear for this one.
Cape Tribulation, Port Douglas, crocodile farms, and many more attractions may be reserved.

Cairns Nightlife

There are a plethora of alternatives available to you in terms of nightlife.

In all candor, Cairns is a tiny town filled to the brim with party-loving backpackers, so it’s hard to find a poor spot to go out at night. A night out may begin (and often conclude) at any of these three establishments: The Woolshed, PJ O’Briens, or The Rhino Bar.

With room for 400 other travelers, it’s little wonder that Gilligan’s, which doubles as a bar, can provide unforgettable evenings for its patrons. The Bohemia resort is another great option; it offers first-rate amenities, and JJ’s Backpackers is among the finest in terms of pricing.
Some kind of problem must be plaguing you if you are unable to receive in Cairns.

Unfortunately, BBM was unsuccessful because to an egregiously ugly face deformity.

The women aren’t fans of that or the halitosis, either.

At the conclusion of each night, the number of couples canoodling in the lagoon makes you question whether a refreshing plunge in the morning would be the wisest course of action.

Except if you have a serious obsession with precious stones, the shopping here isn’t really exciting.

Shops provide the typical tourist fare, but if you’re seeking for something out of the ordinary, try the esplanade’s night markets or the pier’s mud markets on Saturday mornings.

Spend your money wisely in Cairns; consumerism has no place here.

There are more hostels than you can shake a stick at, so finding a place to stay won’t be a problem either.

In terms of pricing, they cover the gamut, but when you’re ready to unwind, what more could you want than a place with a pool and a hammock?

Whitewater Rafting Cairns

Cairns Whitewater Rafting

If you’ve ever been to Cairns, you know it’s not just about getting angry and attempting to avoid someone at the Woolshed. Surprising as it may seem, the truth is…
Whitewater rafting is a great way to satisfy your need for adventure in Cairns, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. As an alternative to the boring rapids ride at Alton Towers, the Tully and Barron rivers are great for those who like to get wet and race about in a huge raft.

Depending on your level of adventure, you may choose from a variety of Tully River grades.

The mildest ride, with easy rapids that won’t drench you, is grade one. However, you are able to go to Grade 6, which is a very rigorous and risky level.

If you want to play safely, stick to levels 2 and 3. The harder grades are for the pros.

Cairns & The Great Barrier Reef

It would take a monumentally foolish person to go all the way to see the Great Barrier Reef—one of the seven wonders of the world—and not bring a snorkel.
Snorkeling or scuba diving on the Reef is an incredible adventure due to the abundance of marine life.
Clown fish, various sized and colored coral, turtles, and tiny (harmless) sharks are just a few of the many things you might expect to observe.
Everything you could possibly want and more besides.
After saving up enough, BBM was able to experience the Reef for ourselves, and we have to say, it was much superior than the VB and strippers in which we would have spent before.
In the tourist stores in Cairns, you may find all kinds of offers.
“Screw that, they’re just out to con me,” is the mindset that naturally arises in a traveler’s mind when faced with problems.
These sales are very cheap, so you’re completely mistaken.
For our scuba dive, for instance, we made the payment in advance. Whether you’re looking for an introductory dive or a six or seven day live aboard vacation, there are many of businesses to choose from and you can find some great discounts.
You can’t visit Cairns without trying scuba diving; it’s the reef’s capital, after all.
The dive was fantastic even though we are deathly afraid of seaweed and fish.

Hastings Reef

Taking a boat out to Hastings Reef is an enjoyable diversion from the occasional realization that Cairns is a tropical paradise.
The water in Hastings is as clear as a blonde’s hair, and the depth is about fifteen meters.
The reef will wow you once you lay eyes on it.
It was like being in a bustling metropolis, with fish zipping in and out of the brilliant reef like traffic lights.
Swimming in their “hood” while futilely attempting to capture them is really an honor.
We were “lucky” enough to see a White Tipped Reef Shark just before our air tank went dry. The fact that you can pee in your wetsuit while underwater is the actual lucky charm.
Still, snorkeling is a great alternative to scuba diving if you aren’t quite ready for that.
We respectfully disagree, but I’m sure divers would say that undersea life is so diverse and fascinating that surface dwellers would never understand or appreciate it.
When BBM led our two-day snorkeling excursion, there was still enough of thrill and risk to take in.
Our fear of the water’s depths almost led us to mistakenly see a dead brown fish drifting past on the first day.
Additionally, we were warned to remain close to the group due to the powerful currents, in case that wasn’t enough.

The 2nd day was better

As we get used to the water, the second day was much better.
Perhaps it was also because we were so much closer to the coast. Twenty meters away from the coral beach, however, there was still an equal amount of life.
We were utterly enveloped when the deckhands fed the fish straight from the boat. There’s more than enough adrenaline to keep you going for hours.
Luminescent greens, blues, and yellows abound among the fish. As they move about, they appear to change colors and even light up.

Cairns Climate Change

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef are already on the radar of scientists, but even we at BBM have heard rumblings about the consequences of climate change.
Experts have declared that coral reefs worldwide are “in crisis” as a phenomenon known as “coral bleaching” has started to escalate in response to the warming oceans.
Corals will be unable to build their calcium carbonate skeletons in the future because of the acidification of the waters brought on by climate change.
Because of the weaker skeletons, the reef will be more susceptible to erosion and storm damage. By the end of this century, according to some experts, ocean waters will have warmed by one to three degrees.
It may not seem like much, but if it were to happen, the Reef as we know it would disappear.

Undara – Cairns

Undara Caves Cairns

NEED to get out of here for a bit?
Perhaps you ought to descend, that is, descend below the surface of the earth.
Undara, meaning “a long way” in aboriginal, is a must-see.
The ancient lava tunnels that make up Undara’s cave network have long ago lost their raging and thunderous power.
These once-mighty structures now stand as mute witnesses to an explosion that occurred on this same spot 190,000 years ago. There are tunnels that go on for kilometers and kilometers. The collapse of many cave networks has created a hollowed-out depression that is now home to abundant rainforests.
In the end, it creates a stunning contrast between the bright, verdant world above and the gloomy, terrifying underworld below.
The renowned rat kangaroo, the smallest and oldest member of the kangaroo family, is only one of many natural animals that you should not miss seeing.

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Go Diving from Cairns!

Join the experts at Pro Dive Cairns to discover the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef’s underwater realm. The professionalism, high quality, and safety standards of Pro Dive’s products are well-known. Divers may choose from more than 16 special locations, each chosen for its exceptional visibility and plethora of marine life and coral, allowing them to enjoy a broad range of diving conditions. Each of their three state-of-the-art diving boats has air conditioning and spacious sleeping quarters for two or three people. Pro diving offers a variety of diving programs to meet the needs of all divers, from novices to experts.

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Most visitors find that three days is the perfect length of time to stay in Cairns. One day you have to view the reef, one day to tour Kuranda, and one day to enjoy the jungle. This is just a recommended schedule to help you explore as much as you can in your three days in Cairns.