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Drop Bear Adventures, independent, family run, 4×4 tag-along, tour company, promise to take you on the most mesmerising journey of K’gari (Fraser Island). Depart from Noosa or Rainbow Beach, mainland Australia, hitch a ride on the barge and prepare to be immersed in some of the most culturally stunning destinations on this paradise island.

K’gari Drop Bear Adventures Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie (Aboriginal name Lake Boorangoora) is K’gari’s most famous and beautiful lake and was a sacred place for her indigenous people. The crystal clear waters were never swam in, preserving the purity for drinking water. The lake often reflects the gorgeous colours of the sky and its pure white sand lining the waters edge is the perfect place to kick back and relax.

Central Station Rainforest

Wanggoolba Creek flows through a flourishing rainforest inviting you to experience the serene heart of the island. A birthing place for indigenous women, it should be truly respected by all who visit. Staring up at the evergreen canopy, it is hard to fathom how such a diverse rainforest can gain enough nutrients to survive on a bed of sand, and yet it is astonishing to see this Eco-system thrive against all odds.

75-Mile Beach

With a mesmerising array of colours and magical stories, this is the setting for an epic drive! Delivering the longest stretch of continuous drivable beaches in Australia: Teewah, Rainbow and Fraser Island’s 75-Mile Beach are spectacular in so many ways. Lining the great Pacific Ocean, some of the oldest coastal sand dune formations in the world protect these shores.

Champagne Pools

Tropical fish dance in the flotsam of these breathtaking natural rock pools delivered to their home by the frothing waves of the Pacific Ocean. The Champagne Pools are safely protected from the sea’s strong currents so you can enjoy K’gari’s bubbling salt-water Jacuzzi as the waves gently foam over the rocks.

Eli Creek

K’gari’s underground reservoir bursts to life with the continuous flow of purified water forming the wonderful Eli Creek. This ever-flowing creek is the second largest on the island. Take a dip and drift downstream taken by the natural soft current and enjoy floating towards the ocean’s edge.

The Maheno Shipwreck

In 1936, the iconic Maheno Shipwreck was laid to rest on K’gari’s shoreline when it was struck by an off-season cyclone. From its glory days as a luxury cruise liner to being used as target practice for the air force in WW2 it holds many fascinating stories. And as time goes by this iconic mass is slowly sinking beneath the sand, soon to be gone forever – it is worth a stop.

Indian Head

This spectacular viewing point named Indian Head by Captain Cook in 1770, (Aboriginal name Tukkee) has so much to tell. With stark contrasts to its beautiful views and amazing sightings of Manta Rays, Turtles and Sharks, the 360-degree headland has many stories to share of K’gari’s historical heartache.

Delivering 2day/1night and 3day/2night adventure tours of K’gari (Fraser Island) Team Drop Bear welcome you to delve into the beauty and cultural history of the island and make life-long memories along the way.

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