Fraser Island 4WD Tour from Noosa or Rainbow Beach

Fraser Island 4WD Tour from Noosa or Rainbow Beach

Discover Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, on a tour by 4WD from Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, or from Rainbow Beach. With its long, uninterrupted white beaches flanked by strikingly colored sand cliffs, freshwater lakes, ancient rainforests and a shipwreck coast, Fraser Island provides an unforgettable experience.

Noosa and the Sunshine Coast or Rainbow Beach

Travel by 4WD toward Cooloola National Park, a significant Aboriginal site and the gateway to Fraser Island. Stop in Can Bay to see the wild dolphins, and have the opportunity to feed them. Next, stop at Rainbow Beach before boarding the ferry and crossing over to Fraser Island where you’ll drive through beaches and rainforest before arriving at Seventy-Five Mile Beach.

Pile Valley & Lake McKenzie

Take a guided walk through Pile Valley with its towering trees, lush green ferns, and streams, and continue on to Central Station. Visit Lake McKenzie, and swim in the blue water or relax on the pure white sand.

Fraser Island- Noosa

See the colored sands Rainbow Gorge, where the sand has been formed into volcano- like cones.

Eli Creek

Then experience the natural wonder of Eli Creek, the largest freshwater stream on the eastern coast of Fraser Island. More than 4 million liters of water flow from its mouth into the ocean every hour. Take a walk along the scenic boardwalks to view the creek, or jump in the water and float down the fast-flowing stream into the mouth of the ocean.

Maheno Shipwreck

Continue on to the Maheno shipwreck and discover the history of this once-luxurious passenger ship that now lies rusted and buried in the sand.

Pinnacles and Coloured Sands

Then continue along the beach to the Pinnacles and Coloured Sands. See the multi-hued colored cliffs of the Cathedrals and the stunning panoramic views from Indian Head before returning to Rainbow Beach and then onto Noosa and the Sunshine Coast via the spectacular beach highway.


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