Fraser Island Fatal Shark Attack 4th July 2020 Backpacker Warning

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Fraser Island Fatal Shark Attack 4th July 2020 Backpacker Warning

Fraser Island Queensland Tragedy

A young man around 30 years old was bitten by a shark whilst fishing, resue services included a doctor and a nurse, however, the person died of their wounds.

There is a general warning stay safe this is not the season to go swimming around Fraser Island

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Scuba diving woman dies at Gordon’s Bay

Clovelly yesterday

A  woman in her 50′ was pulled out of the water after she was found unresponsive,  diving instructors commenced CPR and contacted paramedics, who arrived minutes after the group of trainee divers returned to shore.

The patient was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital, where she later died.

Eastern Beaches Police Area Command and the Marine Area Command have launched an investigation into the incident.

Accidents can be caused when scuba diving

Many accidents can be caused when diving, good health is essential and a visit to a doctor may be a good idea if you are an older person.

Poor training and inexperience so it’s essential to take training lessons with qualified dive trainers.
Pulmonary Embolism rapid ascends to the surface can cause this problem
Oxygen Toxicity a problem id you dive more than 135 feet
Nitrogen Narcosis which can be caused by the depth a diver dives
Marine life like sharks
Malfunctioning or poorly maintained equipment