Fraser Island Tours in February from Brisbane Hervey Bay

Brisbane to Fraser tours this Christmas

Plan your Fraser Island Tours in February from Brisbane Hervey Bay

Fraser Island is blessed with lush rainforest, sandy beaches, more than 100 freshwater lakes and huge sand dunes.  Get into the 4WD vehicle and enjoy the freedom of taking sandy trails through rainforests.  Visit the highlights of the tours as given below for your most satisfying holiday;

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2-Day Fraser Island 4WD Tag-Along Tour at Beach House from Hervey Bay

Day 1:-  Hop on the ferry to travel over to Fraser Island.  Once you have been briefed on safety and operating the 4WD, you are ready to explore this amazing island! Get behind the wheel!  

  • Lake McKenzie:-  Hop into the lake’s pristine waters for a swim!
  • Central Station:-  Awe at the Central Station that was once the hub of the island’s timber industry.
  • Wanggoolba Creek:- Go on a stroll and check out the towering king ferns, ghost gums and pine trees!
  • 75-Mile Beach:- Look out for the wild dingoes of Fraser Island!
  • Maheno Shipwreck:-  Explore and marvel at the famous Maheno Shipwreck! 
  • Pinnacles:-  Visit the geological wonder of the colourful Pinnacles!
  • Eli Creek:-  Jump in and float down to the beach on the gentle current of the creek just before ending your day’s adventures!

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Day 2:-  Visit more of Fraser Island’s iconic spots as you tag-along on your way from Fraser Island to Hervey Bay!  Before you catch the afternoon ferry, there is plenty of time for you to play, swim and sightsee!

2-Day Fraser Island Tour from Brisbane

Day 1:-  Leave Brisbane on a journey that commences your memorable holiday at Fraser Island.   

  • Double Island Point:-  Leave Brisbane and witness the awesomely breath-taking colours of Rainbow Beach at this place before tucking into your picnic lunch!
  • Ferry journey to Fraser Island:-  Look out for dolphins, dugongs, sharks and turtles basking in the waters surrounding the island.  
  • 75-Mile Beach:-  Enjoy the exciting 4WD adventures along the 75-Mile Beach. 
  • Govi Creek Estuary:-  Sit on the beach, surf, swim, photograph the Govi waterhole or visit the impressive sand dunes of Lake Wabby.   

Day 2:-  Spend the morning indulging in the sunrise, surfing or watching the local dingoes.  

  • Lake McKenzie:-  Hike, swim and photograph opportunities of the incredible scenery.  
  • Satinay Rainforest:-  Take the guided walk in this World Heritage-listed rainforest and explore the giant King Ferns that are hundreds of years old.
  • Wanggoolba Creek:-  Tuck into a delicious picnic lunch
  • Maheno Shipwreck:-  Marvel at the ship of a different era!
  • Pinnacles:-  Awe at the astonishing geological features and the coloured sands at the Pinnacles.  

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