Free Things to Do in Fraser Island

lake mckenzie on fraser island

A Budget Traveller’s Oasis

Fraser Island is the ultimate holiday destination offering loads of adventure and chilled out experiences, amidst nature’s stark beauty. By the way, Fraser Island is not only for those with deep pockets. If you are struggling with a tight budget whilst exploring Australia and have a thirst for adventure, there are plenty of free ways to enjoy Fraser Island.

Check Out A Rustic Old Shipwreck

The SS Maheno is a shipwreck which has been lying on Fraser Island’s popular 75 Mile Beach for over a century! What is now the Island’s most popular attractions was once one of the world’s first turbine driven steamers. The laid-to-rest ship was being towed to Japan for scrap metal in 1935 when a cyclone broke the tow-chain and caused the vessel to drift and land on 75 Mile Beach where it still sits today. The ship when first washed-up was a popular hangout where weddings and concerts were conducted. Go there to view the rusty skeleton and explore the stunning surroundings. It all free, your only restriction may be high-tide.

Chill at Eli Creek

Don’t forget to take along your swimsuit as you can relax and cool off at Fraser Island’s largest creek. Eli Creek dispenses over four million litres of crystal clear, fresh water into the ocean every hour due to its fast flowing current, and is the perfect spot for a swim. The beautiful surrounding is a popular picnic spot, enhanced with a boardwalk which winds its way around Banksia and Pandanus. One of the most popular amongst free things to do in Fraser Island, all you need do is jump into the inviting waters and let the current carry you along. Do be careful though, as its pretty quick to flow into the ocean.

Explore Central Station Rainforest

Tipped to be one of the Island’s most beautiful natural areas, Central Station Rain Forest was once a forestry camp for logging. Nature lovers should not miss this treat, so take along those hiking shoes and explore the walking tracks. You will be treated to the stunning range of flora and fauna the forest harbours. You don’t need to worry about being in peak physical condition, these trails are pretty easy to manoeuvre and require moderate fitness levels, perfect for first-time bushwalkers. The trails promise lots of lookout points and picnic spots as it winds its way around the shimmering waters of Wanggoolba Creek. Did we mention the forest is listed as a World Heritage site?

Discover an ‘Island Lake’

You cannot visit Fraser Island and miss-out Lake McKenzie. A real oasis on the island, it sits amongst a nest of sand dunes. Lake McKenzie is not fed by any streams nor does it flow to the ocean; instead, Lake McKenzie is replenished by rainwater alone. The water is crystal clear and the banks are sun-bleached white silica sand. This is your free ‘spa’ on Fraser Island, offering tranquil surroundings and a chance to relax, swim and make use of the campgrounds where BBQ’s and picnic facilities are all provided. Don’t forget the cameras folks, the sunsets here are stunning.

Swim in the Green Lake

Lake Wabby is a natural phenomenon, known as a ‘window lake’. Its home to a variety of fish, green waters and bleached white sandy beaches. The low-lying lake is surrounded by sand dunes and located 2.5 kilometres from the beach. It is believed that in a couple of hundred years from now, the shifting dunes will swallow up the lake entirely.

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