Gay and Lesbian-friendly Suburbs in Brisbane

Gay and Lesbian-friendly Suburbs in Brisbane



A social club promoting the brotherhood of gay men who openly challenge the stereotypical image of the male ideal, men who are uninterested in society’s perception of gay men as hyper-thin, hairless, fashion victims, who instead celebrate the fact that they are sometimes large, less than perfect, and sometimes hairy all over.

Wonderland Festival 

As the days warm up and dusk playfully turns into evening, this LGBT-popular festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse Arts Centre turns up the intensity with a unique carnival of burlesque, circus, music, theatre, comedy and more.

Big Gay Day

One of Australia’s most treasured and welcoming queers festivals held annually in March. For one day, the inner-city street outside the Wickham Hotel is closed for an epic street festival of carnival acts, exclusive performances, booths, fun, and 50,000 + rainbow people.

Gay Nightlife in Brisbane 

The Beat MegaClub 

Brisbane’s biggest and best gay nightclub open since 1983, with five club rooms, seven bars and six beer gardens here is something here for everyone! Open 365 days a year you can party every night of the year with live entertainment every night, performances by drag queens and DJ’s all night long. 

The Wickham 

Once a hallmark of the local gay scene, this heritage-listed hotel bar was rebranded to attract a wider range of clientele. Still, where there is stylish décor and a trendy atmosphere, the gays will flock and so today the Wickham still continues to be very LGBT popular.

The Sportsman Hotel 

One of the best gay meeting places in Brisbane, this bar, bistro, and hotel has been affectionately known to regular patrons as “Sporties” for over 30 years and is still just as fabulous as ever! Gay owned and operated, pop in to enjoy the club bar 7 days a week or the Nellies bunker bar on the pumping weekends.