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Situated in the eastern coast of Queensland 970 km north of Brisbane, Mackay is a quiet town with a population of about 0.13 million. Nicknamed the sugar capital of Australia, Mackay contributes to more than one-third of the sugar production of Australia. Hence, the local economy is based on sugar cane cultivation. The mining industry has imparted a dramatic economic growth in recent years. It is a paradise for job seekers as a lot of opportunities are present in both the farming and mining industries.   

Mackay Things To Do & Places To See

Mackay Climate

Experiencing a humid subtropical climate, most days including winter days are pleasant and warm. The temperature in the summer season (December, January, and February) ranges from about 31° C to 24° C and in the winter season (June, July and August), the temperature varies between 23° C and 11° C. The warmest month in Mackay is December while the coldest is July. The rainy season with a considerable amount of rain is expected in the months December, January, February, and March while February is the wettest month with the largest amount of rainfall.

Places to visit in Mackay

Bluewater Lagoon

Considered as a famous recreation spot among tourists as well as locals, it offers free entrance to anyone. Consisting of 3 lagoon pools with varying depths suited for all age limits combined with an interactive children’s aquatic playground, it is a perfect retreat for every age group.

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Whitsunday Islands

Consisting of 74 natural wonders in the form of islands, the Whitsunday Islands are situated on the Queensland coast in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. A paradise for all kinds of activities from sailing, diving, snorkeling and swimming, the star attraction of the Islands is for sailing. In fact, it is one of the best places in the entire world for sailing. In treading the protected waters of the Islands, hiring of a yacht or bareboating with you in charge of the navigation can be done.

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