What’s on in Theatres – Queensland New South Wales Victoria

What's on in Theatres - Queensland New South Wales Victoria


Hailing from San Francisco, California, Train make the kind of rock music you can imagine your grandma hearing on the radio and making a comment such as: “Ooo. It’s got a good beat”. To summarise, Train make unchallenging dad-rock.

Formed in 1994, the band, led by Partick Monhan, released debut album Train in 1998. Though that was moderately successful in the US of A, it was the lead single Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) from the band’s second album of the same name that put them on the map.

That song made the top 10 in singles charts including in the UK, US and Australia and won Train two Grammy awards in 2002.
After a three year hiatus, they released their fifth album Save Me, San Francisco earlier this year.

20 June:  The Tivoli,  QLD
21 June: Enmore Theatre, NSW
25 June: The Forum Theatre, VIC

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