Quench Your Thirst For Wanderlust With These Must-see Sights in Canada

So, you are considering a far-flung excursion. Recent events in America have frightened you off and you are looking for somewhere with a warm welcome, a beautiful backdrop, and a million fun things to do. Of course, you would consider Canada!

Famed for its hospitality, wild and picturesque scenery, and its super selection of exciting adventures to be had, it really is a destination that should feature highly on the bucket list of any self-respecting wanderlust-filled explorer. Some travellers prefer a relaxing stay, while others want to risk and try their luck at top Canadian casinos. But what are the best things to do in Canada? That is a question that has many different answers and of course, depends on what you like doing and what your interests are but luckily, we have compiled a list of some of the best things to do when visiting the furthermost country in North America.

Go on The Maid of The Mist!

No trip to Canada is complete without a trip to the world-famous Niagara Falls and what better way to see and hear it, than to take a trip on the Maid of the Mist and get so close to it that you can feel the splashes of water on your skin. Niagrara Falls is fed by water from the five Great Lakes: Huron, Erie, Superior, and Michigan and the Falls themselves are made up of three separate falls- Horseshoe Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, and the American Falls. They are widely considered to be one of the wonders of the natural world and they have provided the backdrop for numerous films, television series and nature documentaries.

Visit a Casino!

Whilst you may think of locations across the border as more popular destinations for visiting casino’s, don’t be so quick to dismiss what Canada has to offer! Canada prides itself on housing some of the most luxurious, splendid, and grand casinos on earth and most of them come complete with luxury suite hotels and spas, complexes brimming with fine dining destinations, and some of the most exquisite bars and lounges you could ever imagine. Check out the best sites for Canadians to give you an indication of what is on offer when you come to Canada and are hoping to strike it lucky!

Go watch the ice hockey!

Ice hockey is without a doubt the most popular sport in Canada. Enjoyed by millions every year, it is also the official winter sport as well as being enjoyed all year round. Developed in Montreal and with its first official game in 1875, it comprises of two teams battling it out to get the puck in the opponent’s net. If you are going to try and catch a game during your visit we would recommend trying to get tickets to the Memorial Cup or the Allan Cup to ensure a high octane, sporting spectacular. Did you know that the team to win the most Stanley Cups is the Montreal Canadiens with 23 wins? So, if you are considering putting some money on a possible winner, we recommend putting it on them and checking out this bonuses list for Canadian players and gamblers.

Of course, Canada has much more to offer than just these three things but if you had to pick some things to put right at the top of your list, these would be the ones I would choose. Whether you are flashing your cash at one of Canada’s finest casinos, getting awestruck by the majestic Niagara Falls, or cheering on your new favourite team at an ice hockey match- you are sure to be happy you came. Canada is one of those places that requires more than just one visit and you will find that each time you go, you will find a million new things that pique your interest and make you want to return again and again.