RCG Courses

hearts cards on a poker machine

Responsible Conduct of Gambling, RCG Certificate Course

hearts cards on a poker machineIf you’re intending to work in bars in Australia it is also advisable and often necessary to invest in getting you responsible conduct of gambling, RCG. Most bars, pubs and clubs in Australia have gambling facilities on their premises such as poker machines, TAB or Club Keno.

Similar to the RSA certificate course, RCG courses are also usually a half-day course. They will also cost about the same amount as getting your RSA certificate, $75 – $100.  Although the RCG course is not compulsory to serve alcohol, it is necessary to handle any type of gambling for establishments that have any type of gambling facilities such as pokies. As the majority of bars throughout Australia will have gambling rooms, most places will insist on you having both your RSA and RCG certificate.

The easiest solution is to generally look for training providers that offer both RSA and RCG courses. Most course providers will offer a package deal allowing you to do both courses for around $100.