Get Ready for a Web Developer Career with Microsoft 70-417 Exam via Practice Tests

Ready for a Web Developer Career with Microsoft 70-417 Exam

For most IT professionals, being in a prestigious career such as web development is a dream come true. This is because of the benefits associated with this field of IT. This post will help you understand how to become a web developer and enjoy the advantages that come with being one. You’ll also understand the critical aspect of this career that involves going through training and getting certified. It takes preparing and passing Microsoft 70-417, which is an exam that is intended for the developers. Let’s learn more about this certification test as well as how you can benefit from passing it.

Which Details Are Important Regarding Microsoft70-417 Exam?

The other name of this test is ‘Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3’. It has to be passed with Microsoft 70-486. Both of them will help you earn the MCSA: Web Applications credential. The 70-761 exam includes 40-60 technical questions with only 2 hours for you to pass. The questions vary from one to another. The candidates may meet the types of questions, such as build lists, best answer, active screen, multiple choice, review screen, drag and drop, case study, and short answer. The total number of points is 1000, while each applicant has to score not less than 700 points to qualify for the MCSA certification. The test costs $165 to register and take.

Which Topics Do You Need to Learn for Microsoft 70-417 Exam?

To become a competent web developer, there are specific objectives to study and master. They include the following areas:

  • Document structures and object implementation and manipulation;
  • Program flow implementation;
  • Access and data protection;
  • Development of applications using CSS3.

By learning through these topics and ensuring you understand them properly, you’ll be preparing for an illustrious career in IT. Make sure that you find the best preparation resources that will give you the material you need to answer the exam questions correctly. Apart from this function, these tools should also assist you in gaining the required skills and knowledge.

Consider the right study materials that you can use to gain the needed skills as well as pass the Microsoft 70-417 exam. Carefully study the list below and make sure that you get the resources that will work well for you. These prep tools have been utilized by the examinees over the years and they were able to greatly benefit from them. Here’s the list:

  • Microsoft: recommended instructor-led training, self-paced training, study guides, and other important materials;
  • PrepAway: braindumps, practice tests, video lectures, and study guides;
  • YouTube: video tutorials;
  • Amazon: a study guide for the Microsoft 70-417 exam.

What Can Microsoft 70-417 Exam Do for Your Career as a Web Developer?

This certification test can be beneficial for any person. The world of web development is growing at a fast rate. There’s an increasing demand for efficient web apps by the organizations and enterprises across the world. This means that a professional with skills in this field will always be in high demand. Do you want to know how you can benefit from passing Microsoft 70-417 to become an expert in this critical IT sphere? If you answered yes, then you need to read this article to the end and find out how to do it.

How Can You Benefit From Passing Microsoft70-417 Exam?

  • You gain unique technical skills. The growing web development world demands for more professionals who have much-needed expertise. By training and mastering the knowledge and skills that Microsoft 70-417 tests you on, you become one of these sought-after experts. You’ll be able to gain the skills that help you use JavaScript as well as CSS3 to program with HTML 5. This skill set will take you far in your career.
  • You earn a sought-after MCSA certification. The employers are looking for the specialists who have obtained any Microsoft certificate. This is because these professionals are known to be competent in what they do. If you’ve passed the 70-417 exam together with the second one, you’ll get MCSA in Web Applications. This will be a great addition to your CV and will assist you in getting accepted by the employing organizations.
  • You get a certification that demonstrates your competence. Unless you’re highly skilled in what you want to do, it’s going to be difficult for you to win in the job market. Passing Microsoft 70-417 demonstrates your competency in web development. You need this to work and be efficient. Remember it’s not just about producing results. It’s also about producing the ones that help the organization you work for to meet its goals.
  • You have competent skills that mean well-paying job opportunities. Every professional out there wants to get access to better job opportunities. And this is possible through competent skills. To get a good job, make sure you’re good at what you do. This is what Microsoft 70-417 helps you with. It enhances your competency in web development thereby giving you an upper hand in getting a job that pays you well. The annual average pay for a web developer is $70,163 as per data on Glassdoor. So, make sure you work your way to the best career by following the right path that involves passing your exam.
  • You have an MCSA certification that is the right step to MCSD. If you want to stay afloat in the competitive IT world, you can’t afford to remain in the same place in terms of your skills. You need to always be alert and ready for any changes by ensuring your skillset is up to date. Once you get your MCSA, you have a chance to advance your knowledge by working for the MCSD certificate. This is an advanced credential that you can obtain by passing one more exam after getting MCSA. The next step after this associate-level certification is MCSD: App Builder for the application developers. With this certificate, you’ll gain the relevant skills that will help you even go further in your career journey.


Get the most out of your time and other resources by ensuring you go for the skills that matter in today’s IT world. PassingMicrosoft 70-417 is a way to ensure you gain these skills. If your career matters to you, then you’re going to do what it takes to ensure you’re successful in it. And don’t forget that success in your web developer career goes beyond MCSA. You need to make sure that you gain the skills that will make you competent in the tasks your organization assigns you. Prove that you are ready for these tasks bypassing the 70-417 test today. Especially considering the fact that it will soon retire. Don’t miss the chance!