Reasons To Install Exterior Shades

Reasons To Install Exterior Shades

Most people think their inside shades are enough. After all, they protect from the sun well enough. They help keep the interior of the home private. They add decorative flair. What else could you need?

Well, an inside shade can block most of the light coming from outside, but it won’t stop the heat. Outdoor shades will.

Want some more reasons to install outdoor shades? Read on.

Outdoor Shades Will Lower Your AC Costs

Because outdoor shades cover the exterior of your windows, they block a significant amount of the sun’s heat as well as light.

If you have interior shades, as summer progresses, you will find the accumulated heat unbearable, forcing you to use your AC more often. This eventually contributes to higher energy bills.

External blinds can keep your windows cool so that they don’t transfer that heat to the inside of your house.

Outdoor Shades Will Reduce Exposure to the Sun

When summer hits, everyone loves the sun, but you need to be careful because even with sunlight, there can be too much of a good thing.

Sunlight contains harmful UV rays that can age, damage, and burn skin, even cause cancers. Create a preventative layer by investing in sun protection in the areas you and your family frequent most. Sunlight also fades paint, decor and surfaces. 

You paid good money to have a nice home, don’t let over-exposure to the sun spoil that.

You also work hard during the week. As much as everyone likes the sun, it’s irritating to be woken up too early by sunlight streaming into your bedroom on weekends. You need your rest after all. Outdoor blinds can limit how much of that light gets in.

Outdoor Shades Will Make Outdoor Areas Usable Again

What’s the point of having an attractive patio or deck area if you can’t use it when the weather is best?

The sun’s punishing glare can raise the temperature in these areas so much that you abandon them. The heat can also damage outdoor furniture and fixtures.

Some heavy-duty outdoor shades can protect you from the worst of the heat, even on the hottest days. Your furniture will also thank you.

Outdoor Shades Can Increase Privacy

Do you have nosy neighbors? Add a layer of concealment by adding shades on the outside of your windows.

Outdoor shades are graded from light to dark, so you can choose the level of obscurement you are comfortable with.

The next time your neighbors want to peek in and turning down your indoor shades is not enough, treat them to the site of your new outdoor ones.

Reasons To Install Exterior Shades

Outdoor Shades Can Provide a Unique Decorative Touch

Depending on where you live, outdoor shades are still relatively rare. Be the first one in your neighborhood to adopt this trend. 

The beauty of it is that outdoor shades can be made to blend in with any architectural detail so that they are unobtrusive. Or, you can make them stand out as a decorative statement. 

Outdoor shades can protect, reduce costs and enhance the beauty of your home. All of these are good reasons to consider getting them.