Reasons Why You Might Need to Hire an Irrigation Company

Reasons Why You Might Need to Hire an Irrigation Company

Every garden and yard is unique, with its own angle of sun and amount of rain, and a number of children or dogs trampling the sod on a daily basis. It’s not just your care above the ground that impacts how healthy and lively your grass is—it’s also what’s happening beneath the soil: the drainage, how tight or loose the soil is, how even the sun, shade, and wind are, and how invasive other species of plants are. Because of this, it can be hard to determine what treatments would best encourage your lawn to thrive. Irrigation systems get brought up a lot, but not everyone knows when and where an irrigation system could be beneficial. The following will explore some of the reasons you might want to consider hiring an irrigation company to help you with your lawn care.

If Your Lawn Varies In Patches

We all know that plants need water (you do know that, right?) But many of us get a little confused about how much and how this need interacts with the supply of water we have in our homes (this includes both well and city, water folks). The professionals behind Turf Management company point out that it’s not always a case of the same water across the entire lawn. If you have brown spots or areas that are far lusher than others, you might need to vary the water across your yard depending on the combination of shade and sun in your green space and the natural drainage that occurs.

If You Have Drainage Problems

Speaking of drainage, there is such a thing as too much water for plants. Yes, your grass can drown just like people do. A professional irrigation company will take the time and apply the experience needed to ensure proper drainage exists before the irrigation begins. If this isn’t taken care of, you can end up with all the water pooling in one area of the lawn, making the grass there suffer.

If You Are Starting From Scratch

It should be simple; grass grows all over the world. It’s the only plant that lives on all continents (yes, even in the arctic). Ask anyone who has laid sod or seeds over a patch of dirt how easy it is to grow grass, however, and they’ll let you know how tough it is to get those blades of green strong and healthy. An expert irrigation team can help you give all your baby grass exactly what it needs to thrive. Things like aeration, fertilization, weed control, and irrigation systems can help tend to those little sprouts and get them strong enough to live a long and healthy life.

The above gardening and lawncare challenges can be daunting at first, but with a little help, you’ll find that your yard is happy and healthy. If you decide to seek out professional help, look for an irrigation company that makes a point of considering all elements of a lush yard, not just the supply of water, as well as one that has experience in your area (every terrain has its own struggles for lawncare). Once you have a list of potential companies, take a look at online reviews or ask to speak to a previous customer to help you make the final choice.