Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Solar Energy

Reasons why you should take advantage of solar energy

Reasons why you should take advantage of solar energy. Solar has been in the news on and off for the past 20 years. Ever since the first viable solar panels made it to market, there’s been a clamor for more and cheaper technology. Companies have risen and fallen on the ticket of solar. But now, more than ever, you should take advantage of the options available to you right now. There’s no question that there are natural gas, coal, and petrol lobbies out there trying to crush the solar industry. Of course, they would.

We have an infinite source of renewable energy that shows up every single day—especially if you live in Australia! If you’re still not convinced, here are a few excellent cases to switch to solar. Don’t skip over the points either. Take it in and see what solar can offer you.


Solar has an up-front cost that seems like a barrier to entry. It’s the “expense” part of it that makes people think twice before jumping into the Sun game. Well, this is only partially true. The experts at Your Solar Quotes provide a much wider view of it’s costing analysis. Here’s how it works:

  • Installing solar modules catches the sunlight and converts it into a direct current.
  • An inverter turns the direct current electricity into alternating current, the base of most power grids.
  • Feeding this energy back to the grid actually offsets the cost burden on the electric companies.
  • A net meter is put in place to monitor any electricity fed back into the grid.
  • If you give back more power than you use, you essentially have free electricity from the return on investment point onwards.

Setting up solar panels actually helps the electric company by being a mini generator, taking some stress off of the load they actually have to dole out to the rest of the population.

CME’s and Solar Flares

In recent years, we’ve seen plenty of solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections or CME’s. These can potentially short circuit the grid and leave people without electricity for hours or even days. This reveals the fragility of the system. The importance of electricity cannot be overstated. Refrigeration, cooling, heating, personal devices, all count on the power grid being stable. If you have solar panels, you can significantly mitigate this fragility.

Now, solar systems are not completely immune to Coronal Mass Ejections. The panels and battery storage themselves are not affected, but they can shut down your inverters. The inverters, which send power back to the grid, which allows for the free flow of energy to your home. There’s an easy fix. It’s called a Faraday Cage. It’s a grounded mesh box that can protect the inverter to a significant degree. They’re easy to make and even easier to buy. Problem solved.

Stimulate Economic Growth

The current economic climate is that of uncertainty and restructuring. As we’ve seen in the past few years, there are systems that are put in place that can greatly benefit from a bit of in-home change. Solar energy creates jobs for STEM professionals, skilled workers, as well as people management and administration. This is a whole new industry that is prime to take off in the near future. Jumping on the train early can allow for a number of perks such as employee stock options, a competitive salary, expanded resume. Reasons why you should take advantage of solar energy.

There are only upsides to supporting and availing of this modern-era technology that seems to make sense, especially in this hemisphere. It also leads by example, opening up opportunities for the new generation to get into a skilled trade that benefits not only them but the advancement of their community as well.

Land Utilization

Australia is full of land. It’s a continent with half the population of California, and the landmass of the entire United States. The amount of economic prosperity from this relatively small group of people puts Australian cities in the “top 5 best places to live” every single year. With that said, there’s a whole bunch of land. This land, much of it privately owned and undisputed, is underutilized at best. Realistically, it’s just not generating any sort of cash flow, or contributing to any industry.

Solar technology and solar energy can utilize this land perfectly, without negatively affecting the surrounding areas. Queensland and Victoria have seen massive shifts in their energy stability due to solar farms. They’ve also been able to garner incredible amounts of value out of otherwise unusable land. There are spots all over the continent that serve as “flyover” areas to get to wildlife reserves, towns, cities, etc. Some of these places, if undisputed and not in the way of wildlife reserves, can be of tremendous value. Reasons why you should take advantage of solar energy.

Green Energy

The amount of emissions we pump out into the atmosphere is awful. There’s this sobering “reality” that the entire world runs on fossil fuels, and there’s no way to depart from it. First off, fossil fuels are a finite substance. It will run out. Unfortunately, with companies like ARAMCO and LUKOIL remaining in the private sector, we have no way of knowing when it will run out.

Solar is a green-output technology that is less dependent on these industries than others. There is mining and processing of the panels involved, but the end product itself is a completely green technology. With advancements in production lines and efficient disposal of wastes, the impact of solar panels are becoming less and less. Above all, taking the steps to open up ideas in the direction of green technology— not the deforestation attempts from strange “green biomass” lobbies, makes for a much brighter future for everyone. Solar technology is absolutely at the forefront of this movement.

There’s so much that can be said about solar energy. There’s a lot of nitpicking and deconstruction around the idea. At its very core, solar energy is a means to create grid security, inexpensive electricity, tech advancements, and all while helping the Earth cope with the byproducts of industry. It’s a tremendous idea. If you’re planning on jumping in on solar, now is a perfect time. Reasons why you should take advantage of solar energy.

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