Revamp Your Bedroom so it Boosts Your Sexual Energy

Revamp Your Bedroom so it Boosts Your Sexual Energy

While you can exercise your willpower to a certain extent in your life, your environment shapes your reality to a higher degree. So, instead of focusing too much energy on overcoming the dark vibe in your bedroom to initiate intimacy, concentrate on giving your bedroom a luxurious and sexy appeal that inspires you and your partner into intimate moments with ease. Here are some things you can leverage to set up your bedroom for intimacy. 

Design Ideas

Sex and sexuality have been a taboo topic for too long. As a result, people are shy about designing their bedroom to boost their sexual energy. When it comes to getting intimate, the environment plays a significant role in setting the mood for private sex. When purchasing furniture for your bedroom, go for pieces that suit your style. If you are into bondage, go for a bed with a frame. Pay special attention to the height of your mattress and bed. If you want chairs in the bedroom, go for chairs without arms if you’re going to straddle it. Your bedroom should have enough room for romance and foreplay. 

Declutter your bedroom since those piles lying around reminds you of the things you have not done, which affects the quality of sex. Leave some room for dancing, and maybe getting a little wild. The bed is where great things happen. Therefore, it should be diagonal or at an off-angle from the door. To ensure an optimal flow of energy, do not position the bed beneath the window. 

Make the Bedroom Sacred

Your bedroom should be inaccessible to the outside world. It is hard to shut off your mind and focus if you feel that someone might interrupt. Therefore, focus on keeping all interruptions at bay. Here are some tips to keep people off your bedroom.

  • Invest in dense, dark curtains that block light and sounds
  • Put locks on the door
  • Keep the phones out of the room

Remember, the bedroom should be a place for you to sleep and connect intimately. 

Regulate the Temperatures

Temperatures matter a lot when it comes to sexiness in your bedroom. If the temperatures are too low, then it limits the number of positions for you because you will be too cold to take the sheets off. If the temperatures are too hot, the male partner may find it hot to maintain a quality erection. Generally, a temperature of 670F to 700F is the best for high-quality sleep and better sex.

Invest in Scents

Scents are good for relaxing the mind after a long day at work and energizing your senses for better sex. Invest in an essential oil diffuser or candles with a scent both you and your partner love. Here is a cheat sheet for invigorating scents and calming scents.

Energizing scents: rosemary, citrus, lemon, orange.

Relaxing scents: tea tree oil, pumpkin, jasmine, vanilla, lavender.

Always Have Massage Oil

Sensual massage is one of the best ways to get into the mood and connect with your partner while engaging in light foreplay. Ensure you have massage oil in your drawers. If massage oil is not available, you can use coconut oil. Coconut oil can also be used as a lubricant.

Incorporate Music into Your Bedroom

Sex and music stimulate the brain to produce dopamine, which is why they go so well together. You might have already played music when you bring someone to your bedroom, mostly to eliminate the silence. However, music plays a more significant role when it comes to getting things done between the sheets. Music affects your brain’s chemistry and helps you get in the mood to get intimate. 

In the art of seduction, playing “mood music” is the standard move to get your partner in the mood. According to surveys, people who listen to music at home spend more time together than those who don’t. Have you ever spent time with your girlfriend or wife, and your favorite song plays from nowhere, and you get down? Certain pop music can influence your interest in a partner. The right music can add a whole new vibe to your bedroom mambo. Pop music might not be your favorite music, but when the words pumping through the speakers are all about love and sex, you will be more inclined to make love.

Revamp Your Bedroom so it Boosts Your Sexual Energy

Soft, Quality Sheets

The last thing you want is rough sheets brushing against your most sensitive parts. Therefore, make sure your sheets are thin and high-quality. Here are essential factors to consider when looking for the best sheets for sex.

Temperature control

Go for sheets that provide adequate airflow so that you and your partner don’t get too hot, and have enough insulation to get cold. 


Sheets absorb sweat and body fluids that come with sex. Therefore, to maintain a clean sleep, buy sheets that are easy to clean and care for. Go for a fabric that can be machine washed and dried with ease. Sheets that require to be taken to cleaners will make you less inclined to clean them, leaving stains and sweat in the fibers for weeks.


Most people like cotton because it is a soft and breathable natural fiber. The best cotton is Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton because they are manufactured from long and extra-long staple fibers. Long staples ensure high quality in the weave. Cotton sheets regulate temperatures and are easy to wash.

Avoid buying white sheets because they will show stains, which is inevitable if your love life is fun. Consider brown or green for a relaxing earthy tone. Or red sheets (here comes period sex)! When it comes to purchasing bed sheets for sex, go for the quality. Sheets are roughed up during sex, and they also absorb body fluids and sweat. Therefore, it is essential to pick sheets that can handle both of those aspects. 

One of the best ways to balance the sexual energy in our bodies is to create a bedroom environment that speaks and touches our senses. To boost your sexual energy, concentrate on bringing balance and harmony in the bedroom, and it will overflow to your relationship and sex life.