Riding Electric Scooters in Australia: What Safety Considerations to Keep in Mind?

Riding Electric Scooters in Australia

Perhaps the most important question that haunts your mind when riding an electric scooter is, “Am I safe on it?”. 

Yes, electric scooters are safe to ride for the most part but you have to take your safety in your own hands. 

Mentioned below is a detailed guide on how to safely ride electric scooters in Australia, along with information on various protective gear. 

Take a look. 

Which Safety Gear Do I Need?

The most crucial thing is wearing an appropriate helmet. While riding electric scooters downtown in Brisbane or Canberra, the last thing you’d want is to hit another vehicle and get into trouble. Here are a few safety gears to consider:

Choose a CPSC (or DOT) Certified Helmet

Always wear the right-sized helmet, no matter how little time you spend on the road or how fast you’re riding. A certified CPSC bicycle helmet will suffice the requirement. However, you might need something more durable to ride at higher speeds.

For everyday scooter users commuting to offices in busy cities like Brisbane or Canberra, the most sought-after helmets are motorcycle helmets or mountain biking helmets which are generally certified by the DOT. It is essential to choose an approved helmet since its design and manufacturing meet safety guidelines.

Note that a motorcycle helmet is likely to be heavier and offer eyes protection as it has a visor. The downhill helmet is significantly lighter and provides the highest level of ventilation and the best security, but you’ll require a pair of glasses since the top half of the face will be exposed.

Adding Lights to Your Scooter

Many electric scooters don’t have enough lighting for adequate visibility in the dark. This could be an issue when riding along the beaches, where there are places without street lights. 

It would be best if you had the brightest high-mounted headlight (1000 lumens or more) and a brake-responsive taillight (either orange or red). They help others know the moment you stop, whether you’re riding alongside them or when you’re riding towards them.

Some electric scooters are equipped with swag lighting, composed of LEDs that run across the length of the shaft or the deck. While they are attractive, it’s not a substitute for an actual headlight because it’s unlikely to assist in identifying potholes and obstructions on the road.

You can upgrade your scooter’s visibility by adding high-quality rechargeable LED lights that you can add to your helmet, scooter, or body for improved visibility.

Other Safety Equipment to Consider

Apart from a good helmet and good lighting, some additional pieces of equipment will help you stay safe while riding. These are:

Audible Warning Device

Most electric scooters come with an audible warning system, which could be an electronic horn or mechanical bell. If your scooter isn’t equipped without one, it’s an affordable option that will help you be more responsible on your ride.

Eye and Hand Protection

If you’ve ever ridden a bike in freezing temperatures, then you’re aware that gloves are helpful for many reasons. Apart from keeping your hands warm and agile during frigid weather, they also keep them safe in an accident. 

If you’re blinded by sunlight or wind blowing around your eyes, it will be difficult for you to concentrate on the roads. Wearing a mask or eyewear will also protect the risk of being struck by stones or bugs that are kicked up by other vehicles.

Gear to Fill Tires with Air

If your electric scooter has air-filled tires, it’s best to keep these items in your garage: a tire valve extender, tires slime, and an air pump.

There are two kinds of air-filled tires, the inner tube and tubeless. If tubed, you may need to carry an extra inner tube to deal with a nasty flat. 

Tubeless tires are more durable because they’re not at risk of squeezing flats, and the tube is squeezed by the rim, which is the leading cause of flats in scooters. 

Closing Words

Regardless of the vehicle type, if you’re driving it on the road, you must ensure you have the right protection in place to avoid mishaps. We are sure the above electric scooter tips will help.