Rodrigo Armarante New Track ‘Hourglass’

Rodrigo Amarante new EP Cavalo and new track Hourglass

Rodrigo Amarante has dropped the first track from his debut solo EP, Cavalo. The song, ‘Hourglass’, is a charming indie groover of a track, reminiscent of the heady days of indie rock in the early ‘00s.

Rodrigo Amarante was originally the singer in Los Hermanos, a rock band from Rio de Janeirol and a member of supergroup, Little Joy. Amarante speaks – somewhat conceptually – about the ideas behind Cavalo, “I became enamoured by space, by distance, and began to see the double that looks at me from the outside, that reflects the vision I call mine, vehicle and accomplice to which I am also a channel, the one I name Cavalo.”

Cavalo comes out on Tuesday 6th May on Easy Sound


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