Roman Blinds – A Stunning Choice for Window Decorating

A Stunning Choice for Window Decorating

These days there are just so many choices when it comes to window coverings. Between curtains, blinds and shutters, there is a wealth of options, colours, styles and materials to choose from. While having loads of options is great news, it can make it hard to come to a decision and actually choose something.

One form of window covering that has really stood the test of time are Roman blinds. It is an intrinsic design that has been around in one form or another far longer than any other current type of window dressing.

Should you choose Roman blinds for your windows?

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should.

Is It Just a Catchy Name?

Did Roman blinds really originate from Ancient Roman times, or is it just a cool sounding name for a window blind?

While the modern day style of Roman blind has evolved over the centuries, their inherent style did actually originate in Ancient Rome.

Thousands of years ago there was no window glass, so essentially all windows were nothing more than open holes to the outside world. This meant that as soon as a breeze picked up, dust would flow in through these open windows, covering everything inside the home with grit and grime.

To prevent this, people used to dampen cloths with water and hang them across the windows. The water would both trap the dust in the fabric, as well as making the material heavier to block the windows in a breeze.

When they wanted to open up the windows, they would fold these cloths upward in layers and then fasten them.

It’s very similar to how the modern day Roman blind looks and operates.

A Look of Elegance and Luxury

Apart from their timeless design, Roman blinds really do look a class above many other forms of window decorating. There is just something about their layered appearance which really catches the eye in a good way.

These days Roman blinds are made from many different materials, in a whole swathe of colours to match your decor, and you can even buy them in patterned materials as well.

Any room in the home will go up several notches in the beauty stakes with the addition of quality Roman blinds to decorate the windows. Bedrooms are one of the most common rooms in the home where people install Roman blinds, but they really suit any room.

Roman Blinds Are Also Functional

It’s not all about aesthetics when it comes to the range of Roman blinds. They are also extremely practical and functional as well.

To start with, this style of blind is low maintenance by design and very easy to clean and keep looking great.

With a varied range to choose from, you can buy Roman blinds that act as blockout blinds; meaning they’ll keep that bright early morning sun out of the bedroom so you can actually sleep in on the weekends.

Many styles of Roman blinds are also very effective at absorbing outside noise, making your interior space that much more tranquil.

You can see why they are a fantastic choice for bedrooms especially, apart from their looks.

Easy To Operate

With Roman blinds you have the option of either manual operation or even motorised operation. Operating the blinds manually is done simply by pulling on a cord or a chain. Attaching a small motor simply does the job for you at the press of a button.

Nothing could be easier. Even the kids can open and close Roman blinds, no problem at all. They are an awesome choice for singles, couples and families.

They Don’t Date Or Go Out of Fashion

After being around in one form or another for thousands of years, it’s very obvious that the inherent design of Roman blinds is here to stay. This means they don’t date and never really go out of fashion.

Therefore, you can confidently invest in beautiful Roman blinds for your home without fear of needing to replace them for style reasons after a few years. Good quality blinds will last you many years to come, and Roman blinds are one of the very best choices there is.