5 Aussie Creatures you have meet on Kangaroo Island

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Black Swan nesting on Kangaroo Island, SA

What makes many of the attractions in Australia so special is the wildlife that inhabits them. This is what has tempted countless of tourists and backpackers to head to South Australia and take a short Ferry ride to Kangaroo Island and stand in awe from the diverse array of animals making this place home.

Here are 5 Awesome Aussie Creatures on you won’t want to Miss!

  1. Kangaroos (obviously)

    Kangaroo Island has its own subspecies of kangaroo roaming its lush land. They’re shorter and broader than their relatives on the main land and are browner in coulure. These Kangaroos have been protected from human interaction with the exception of travellers visiting with tour companies.

  2. New Zealand Fur Seals

    Although the name would suggest otherwise, the New Zealand Fur Seals are in fact a native species to South Australia. They gather in the hundreds at the stunning rock formations located in the Flinders Chase National Park.

  3. Australian Sea Lions

    Australian Sea Lions are only found in the South of Australia and in Western Australia. The Australian Sea Lion species are still recovering from threatened status. Females can spend up to three days swimming out to sea hunting and feeding before returning to the beach where their pups await feeding time.

  4. Black Swans

    By far one of the most elegant and graceful creatures to walk the Earth, the Black Swans live across the southern regions of Australia. They journey between salt and freshwater wetlands to find abundance in materials for nesting.

  5. Koalas

    An uncommon adversity which Koalas have faced since being introduced to Kangaroo Island was overpopulation. It was once an all too familiar sight to see Koalas suffering from starvation as the competition for food was too high for fair feeding on gum leaves. In recent years, sterilization programs have helped repress population levels, making Kangaroo Island a place where you can now see well fed Koala Bears in all their glory.

With the wildlife thriving so tremendously on Kangaroo Island, this really is the place to see some of the most wonderful and beautiful animals in Australia.
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