A Festive Adventure in South West Australia

Perth to Albany bus tours
Nature at its best

Looking for an adventure from Perth this festive season? Discover the many natural gems located south of the capital city… Take a journey from Perth to South West Australia and go in search of geological marvels, towering forests and stunning beaches.

Some 400km southeast of Perth is Albany. Home to a fascinating history, this coastal port town also boasts some amazing natural wonders. The Gap is one of the most popular attractions due to its rugged beauty and hint of danger. A channel carved by the crashing waves of the Great Southern Ocean against the granite rock, The Gap has a sheer drop that falls for about 25 metres. Just a few metres away is the Natural Bridge, another granite rock formation caused by the force of the ocean as it has pounded into the rock face over millions of years. Another example of the power of the waves is the Blowholes. Crevasses in the granite stretch down to the water below, and with each wave, air and water are blown out of the top of the crevasse holes – much like a whale’s blowhole!

Further along the coast near Denmark are the Elephant Rocks, situated within William Bay National Park. Resembling a herd of elephants paddling in the waters, these oval boulders are a stunning sight sitting peacefully in the turquoise-blue shore. Also in found in William Bay is Greens Pool. A stark contrast to the pounding waves around The Gap and Natural Bridge, the water here is practically wave-less, ideal for swimming and snorkelling when you’re not basking on the white sandy beach.

Inland, the Valley of the Giants is home to the 40-metre-high Tree Top Walk, which links to the Ancient Empire boardwalk. Explore amongst 400-year-old towering trees including Red Tingles, as you learn more about the science and fantasy of this thriving forest.

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