Attractions on self-driving tours around Kangaroo Island

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Kangaroo Island is a beautiful destination in South Australia, 15 kilometres off the mainland. Countless of thousands are racing to get across for self-driving tours around Kangaroo Island every year simply because of the epic Kangaroo Island Attractions and the incredible wildlife that calls this place home.

Getting Around Kangaroo Island

The spectacular destination has a landmass of 4,405 square kilometres, the third biggest island in Australia after Tasmania and Melville Island. It’s unspoilt and wildlife programmes have ensure that the animals which inhabit Kangaroo Island are undisturbed by large crowds of tourists as well as public transportation methods. Meaning when you see the astonishing species here, they are as wild as they come. Transport options are limited and which is why self-driving tours around Kangaroo Island is one of the best ways in which you can see the island.  
If you have your own vehicle (you can always rent one) you can arrive at the island by ferry in 45 minutes. Your tour starts the moment you drive off the ferry at Penneshaw and you can visit even the remotest locations without being hampered by time and/or other tourists. Even if a self driving package is not your thing there are amazing Kangaroo Island Tour Deals to choose from so it worth noting that there is an experience for all preferences.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife

Kangaroo Island is named after the many kangaroos who roam the land, but it is teeming with other varieties of wildlife, most of them endemic. The greatest concentration of these creatures is seen at the Flinders Chase National Park at the western end.
Another attraction is the Seal Bay Conservation Park, managed by National Parks South Australia, which you could take part in as a guided tour with a ranger.  Over 1,000 seals of all sizes and ages would provide a feast for your eyes. There are also plentiful opportunities to witness Australian fur seals in all their glory at Admiral’s Arch on Cape Du Couedic. A series of wooden boardwalks and bridges enable you to get quite close to them.

Other Kangaroo Island Attractions

Close to the Cape is another beautiful natural attraction, especially at sunset – the Remarkable Rocks, a large dome of sandstone close to the edge of the Southern Ocean. Nature has shaped the stones over the course of many years in to the striking sculpture which it now is.
For those who get excited by all cave-related things, the delicate limestone Kelly Hill Caves offer the perfect sight. There are 40+ minute scheduled tours of the subterranean attraction with adventure caving tours on offer for the serious enthusiasts.
Any self-driving visitor to the Island should not forget the agricultural land which adds to its natural beauty. Vast swathes of green fields where cows graze enhanced by vineyards, which already produce famous wines, are part and parcel of the tour.
Catch up on art and culture after all these expeditions by visiting the thriving arts community in the Island. The gallery of work created by local artistes will complete your experience.
There are also amazing Kangaroo Island Backpacker Tours to join where you can expect a slightly more action packed adventure. Activities such as sand boarding at Little Sahara, swimming at Kangaroo Island’s world famous beaches and exploring with like minded travellers. Kangaroo Island truly has something to offer everyone.

Food and Accommodation on Kangaroo Island

If you would like to spend your night close to the Flinders Chase Park, you can check out the Cape Du Couedic Lightstation heritage accommodation which comprise three cottages built in the early 1900s. The historic lighthouse and Weirs Cove also attract a fair share of visitors.
No visitor to the Island would go hungry due to the plethora of gourmet food experiences on offer. The freshwater crayfish known as Marron, sheep cheese and yoghurt and honey ice cream are just a few of the mouthwatering delicacies. You can even learn to cook your own meals at the Island’s own cooking class.
Self-driving tours around Kangaroo Island would provide you with the ideal opportunity to have a grand adventure on your own or even with friends and loved ones. What better way to experience this unique and remarkable island!