Ceduna South Australia

Ceduna South Australia


the cliffs at cedunaCeduna South Australia. 

Who would have thought the last city one arrives at before reaching the immense Nullarbor would be such an excellent getaway?

Oyster Capital of Australia

This area on the Far West Coast is considered the Oyster Capital of Australia, but the shellfish aren’t the only reason for visiting. Ceduna is full of calm beaches and isolated bushland that keeps it unspoiled and uncovered by the masses.

Great place for a holiday

It is a one of a kind place to take a holiday because it’s just far enough away from the commotion of the city. It gives all visitors a feeling of peaceful solitude without removing them from civilization. The area is full of holiday flats and there is also a giant caravan park complete with cabins. Ceduna is very accommodating to those staying for any length of time.

Ceduna beaches

Ceduna’s beaches fall along the Smoky and Denial Bays. Both offer crystal clear sand and water in addition to incredible fishing. Make no mistakes, this is not a place where you’ll find intimidating waves but rather an area for people to come and simply enjoy the beach. The area is known for its especially calm waters and relaxed atmosphere.

History enthusiasts

The history enthusiasts will definitely want to explore the McKenzie ruins on Denial Bay which have been around since 1889. While the nature lovers will surely want to do some whale watching near Smoky Bay.

Ceduna Baird Bay

On a trip to Ceduna, Baird Bay is a must visit where you can swim and play with the puppy dogs of the ocean, the sea lions. These naturally inquisitive and playful creatures will charm your heart and leave you on a high. Then to top it off you can also do a dolphin tour where you will have the opportunity to see swim with flipper and his mates.


You can slurp down as many as you like. We’re talking about oysters of course, get your mind out of the gutter. We weren’t joking when we told you that this is the oyster capital of Australia. Stop into the Big Oyster Bar where meals only cost about $8 and shoot down as many mollusks as you can. Grab a pint or glass of wine and let yourself slip further into heaven.

Ceduna South Australia, a great travel destination.


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