Come Face-To-Face With South Australia's Wild Side

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Snorkelling with sea lions, strolling beside sunbathing seals, sandboarding the dunes and even diving with Great White Sharks – South Australia has never been so much fun. You can now experience the state’s wild side with a brand new tour, featuring two of the most popular regions: Kangaroo Island and the Eyre Peninsular.
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Brought together by Kangaroo Island Tours and Australian Wildlife Adventures, this tour is for anyone that seeks adventure with unique wildlife encounters. The two locations offer breath-taking scenery, dramatic coastlines and unspoilt natural beauty, which make them the ideal place to do activities such as kayaking, hiking, snorkelling, bushwalking and trying South Australia’s famous seafood.
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Across five days, you’ll get to view the incredible rock formations and beaches of Kangaroo Island, and meet seals, sea lions, kangaroos, koalas and fish in the wild. You can even come face-to-face with the ocean’s most famous predator: the Great White Shark. Descend into the waters inside the safety of a cage, and watch these giants circle around you.
south australia
This tour costs $1245pp, including one night on Kangaroo Island, one night in Adelaide and two nights on the Eyre Peninsular, with an extra $495pp if you choose to go cage diving with the Great White Sharks.
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