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Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours

Kangaroo Island is arguably the best place in Australia to see wildlife in its natural habitat. With Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours you can walk amongst a colony of Australian sea lions at Seal Bay as these amazing creatures doze in the sun after lengthy fishing forays in the Southern Ocean. Explore amongst the huge weather-sculptured granite boulders at Remarkable Rocks or roll, climb and sand board down the snowy-white sand dunes of Little Sahara, a series of spectacular sand dunes that rise out of bushland like razorback ridges. Dodge the wildlife as you hike through dense bush-land and stretch out in a secret beach spot along the island’s coastline

For the adventurous type, Kangaroo Island Tours offer exciting nature and adventure tour experiences that you will love to tell your friends and fellow travellers about.

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best attractions on Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours

Best Attractions on Kangaroo Island

Sand-boarding at Little Sahara

With an epic mixture of dune sizes (the highest being around 70 metres, Little Sahara) is for the adrenaline junkies on Kangaroo Island Backpacker Tours. South Australia tourist attractions don’t come more outlandish than this. Guides on Kangaroo Island provide you with sand boards and sledges and if you are willing they’ll fling you down the highest dunes you can find!

Seal Bay

One of Kangaroo Island’s most famous and most visited attractions (Seal Bay) is home to a massive population of Australian Sea Lions. Exploring this part of Kangaroo Island offers a once in a lifetime experience of Sea Lions in their natural environment.

Vivonne Bay

Kangaroo Island Vivonne Bay is famous for its incredible white sandy beach, the Harriet River and Bay Jetty. Whilst at Vivonne Bay you can explore underwater ecosystems whilst snorkelling and discover Kangaroo Island marine life. There is also an additional chance for a spot of fishing from the jetty or the beach. You can even find yourself stand up paddle boarding!

Pennington Bay

Another famous attraction is of course, Pennington Bay. Located on the Southern Coast of Kangaroo Island Pennington Bay is well known for its surf, making this epic beach popular amongst both backpackers and Australian surfers. Pennington Bay is so pleasing to the eye and so it is a perfect photo opportunity to capture the real authentic beauty of Kangaroo Island.

Admirals Arch

Admirals Arch is one of the Island’s most interesting and bizarre natural land formations. Forming over thousands of years through erosion, this process has sculptured a unique rock bridge on the Kangaroo Island southwest coast. Leading you to the Arch is a boardwalk with many beautiful sites, with viewpoints to watch the New Zealand Fur Seals where during the summer months you can see the seal pups playing in the shallows.

The Flinders Chase National Park

The Flinders Chase National Park is an impressively rugged chunk of wilderness that features all of the famous landmarks like the world renowned – Admirals Arch and Remarkable Rocks. This park has such a diverse wildlife that can be seen on the network of walking trails. Naturally, this is likely the best place to see kangaroos and little baby joeys on Kangaroo Island. This is a massive switch up from Adelaide to KangarooIsland and is such a great opportunity to connect with the wildlife and take a break from the concrete jungles.

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Kangaroo Island Wildlife

The Kangaroo Island wildlife is so diverse, so vast and so incredible that it easily compares to the rest of the South Australia wildlife. The fact that there are so many animals to see on this small pocket of land which rests off the coast of South Australia is truly incredible.


Kangaroo Island has its own subspecies of kangaroo roaming its lush land. They’re shorter and broader than their relatives on the main land and are browner in colour. These Kangaroos have been protected from human interaction with the exception of travellers visiting with tour companies.

New Zealand Fur Seals

Although the name would suggest otherwise, the New Zealand Fur Seals are in fact a native species to South Australia. They gather in the hundreds at the stunning rock formations located in the Flinders Chase National Park.

Australian Sea Lions

Australian Sea Lions are only found in the South of Australia and in Western Australia. The Australian Sea Lion species are still recovering from threatened status. Females can spend up to three days swimming out to sea hunting and feeding before returning to the beach where their pups await feeding time.

Black Swans

By far one of the most elegant and graceful creatures to walk the Earth, the Black Swans live across the southern regions of Australia. They journey between salt and freshwater wetlands to find abundance in materials for nesting.


An uncommon adversity which Koalas have faced since being introduced to Kangaroo Island was overpopulation. It was once an all too familiar sight to see Koalas suffering from starvation as the competition for food was too high for fair feeding on gum leaves. In recent years, sterilisation programs have helped repress population levels, making Kangaroo Island a place where you can now see well fed Koala Bears in all their glory.

Whales and Dolphins

The whales visit between May and October whilst migrating into the warmer waters off the South Australian coast. Whale watching on Kangaroo Island will most commonly present you with the Southern Right Whales but there are also sightings of Sperm Whales, you may even see Humpback Whales on Kangaroo Island, and from time to time there are Blue Whales spotted.

Dolphins on Kangaroo Island can pretty much be seen all year round, which is a common endeavour for tourists travelling to Kangaroo Island, and very occasionally Orca Whales have been spotted off of the Kangaroo Island Coast.
Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours will take you to all the exciting spots on Kangaroo Island and more! Spend two adventurous days touring one of Australia’s most beautiful natural Islands. You will also visit Flinders Chase National Park’s Admiral’s Arch with its resident colony of fur seals and jagged coastline. Check out the fabulous surf and fishing beach at Pennington Bay. Look in the trees for koalas at Vivonne Bay. You’ll also stay overnight at a really cool farm where you can chat about the day’s adventures around the campfire and head out for a nocturnal animals walk.
Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours are packed with lots of activity and wildlife, so make sure you’re ready for an epic exploration on Kangaroo Island!
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