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activities on kangaroo island

Kangaroo Island consistently staggers those who step upon its shores, leaving everyone awestruck by its unrivalled beauty and the diverse wildlife that inhabits the island. Scattered all across Kangaroo Island are world famous attractions and Kangaroo Island Adventures Tours have selected 5 highlights of this magnificent chunk of land that you will not want to miss.

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1- Little Sahara

Sand-boarding down a sand dune
Sand-boarding at Little Sahara

Australia’s Little Sahara is a dune system in Southern Australia situated the beautiful Kangaroo Island. It has natural sand dune formations covering around two square kilometres. With a mix of dune sizes, the highest being around 70 metres. The most popular reason to embark on Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours is to visit the dunes and go sand-boarding and sledging. An extremely exhilarating and fun experience where you slide from the top to the bottom at high speeds.
2- Seal Bay
seal laying down
lounging around on seal bay kangaroo island

One of Kangaroo Islands most visited sections on Kangaroo Island Backpacker Tours;Seal Bay is home to a large population of Australian sea lion. Visiting this area offers one of the most brilliant experiences of Sea Lions in their natural environment. There are boat excursions where guides will take you into the centre of the colony, where you can watch and learn so much about these beautiful and endangered animals. As well as this, from the Bay extends a long boardwalk through the dunes to multiple viewing points.
3- Vivionne Bay
group of travellers running in the water
excited travellers at vivian bay

Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island is most famous for its glorious white sandy beach, the Harriet River and Bay Jetty. Here at Vivionne Bay you can snorkel and see beautiful marine life, go fishing from the jetty or the beach and even go surfboarding. As well as these activities, you can also take to the river for a session of stand up paddle boarding or river kayaking. With its wealth of wildlife and beautiful scenery, this area of Kangaroo Island is a must visit.
4- Pennington Bay
lady looking out to sea at kangaroo island
looking at an incredible view

Another of Kangaroo island most visited spots. Pennington Bay is located on the southern coast of the island. Most famous for catching a great wave, this gorgeous beach is popular amongst both travelling and Australian surfers. So aesthetically pleasing, this bay will be a perfect photo opportunity to capture the real beauty of Kangaroo Island. As well as this, if you are a lover of nature and marine life, whales and dolphins are often spotted also enjoying the waters.
5- Admirals Arch
walking down to the sea
walking to the ocean at admiral arch

Admirals Arch is one of the Island’s most interesting and bizarre natural land formations. Forming over thousands of years through erosion, this process has sculptured a unique rock bridge on the southwest coast. Leading you to the Arch is a boardwalk with many beautiful sites, with viewpoints to watch the New Zealand Fur Seals where during the summer months you can see the seal pups playing in the shallows.
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