Nursing Jobs in South Australia for Working Holiday Visa

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Find Nursing Jobs in South Australia for Working Holiday Visa Holders

Working Holiday Visa

Bower YNA National service

Level 3, 209 Oxford St
Bondi Junction
NSW 2022, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9222 9638
Freecall: 1800 003 949 (From within Australia only)
Email: [email protected]

Your visa option will be a Working Holiday Visa subclass 417 if you meet the following criteria;

  • Be 18 – 30 years old; if you are a Canadian, French or Irish citizen, you can be up to 35 years old
  • Hold a valid passport from a country involved in the Working Holiday Program with Australia
  • Not previously entered Australia on a Working Holiday Subclass 417 Visa or Work and Holiday Subclass 462 Visa
  • Have a reasonable prospect of finding employment in Australia
  • Have enough money to buy a flight out of Australia at the end of your stay
  • Have no dependent children with you during your stay

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Employment while on the Working Holiday Visa

While you are under the Working Holiday Visa, the only employment requirement is that you cannot be employed by the same employer for more than 6 months.  Travel nurses can easily meet this requirement.  Each time they are assigned to a different hospital, it is considered as a different employer.    

Getting Qualified as a Travel Nurse in Australia

The application begins with the AHPRA, the board that certifies nurses in Australia.  Firstly, get in touch with your nursing school and request documents to be sent to the AHPRA.  They require proof of a medication administration class, a pharmacology class and 800 hours of clinical time.  Once you get the approval from the AHPRA, you are eligible to register as a nurse in Australia.

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Current Vacancies for Working Holiday Visa Holders in South Australia

  • Registered Nurses

Agency’s Name:  Bower Healthcare

Location:  Nation-wide placements

The agency is looking for registered nurses for placement in the best hospitals across Australia, including Southern Australia.  Work as an Agency Registered Nurse and benefit from the free local accommodation or selected tours.

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