Tours and Travels South Australia – Group Tours Vs Solo Travelling

Tours and Travels South Australia - Group Tours Vs Solo Travelling

Deciding whether to travel solo around South Australia or as part of a group tour is one decision not to be taken lightly, and one only you can make. So before you decide what’s right for you, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of both options.

Travelling alone can be both incredibly rewarding and exhausting, sometimes in equal measure. Flying solo means you have total freedom to develop your own travel itinerary and have those chance encounters and adventures that may be harder to have when travelling as part of a group. If you arrive somewhere, love it and decide to stay a few days longer, it’s easy because you are your own boss. Also, solo travellers are a bunch that tend to recognise each other, so if you rock up in a new hostel or bar it’s pretty easy to notice a fellow adventurer and strike up a conversation and share a beer while swapping travel stories. These chance encounters are often the best part of travelling alone.

But for all the great things about solo travel, it is often a hard slog. Being your own guide means you have to research wherever you are headed in great detail before you go. You are the only one planning your day so if you don’t make the right decisions, you will miss out. There is only so much the internet and a guidebook can tell you about a place. You are also responsible for sorting out any logistical issues that come up, so that lost train ticket or missed bus is now your problem instead of someone else’s. Not a great way to spend your time.

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If you prefer to let someone else do the planning and are eager to meet a ready-made set of new mates then joining a group tour could be just the ticket. Travelling as part of a group means all those new adventures, sights and experiences are shared with people who are also experiencing everything for the first time. Just like you. South Australia is the place to test your limits -from cage diving with great white sharks or hiking up a mountain in the Flinders Ranges, being in a group can make all your fears disappear. Likewise, there will always be someone who prefers to sit out the action and laze on the beach instead. One of the best things about group travel is the diversity of the other travellers. But it is your local tour guide who really makes group travel the very best way to experience a place. These guys and girls live and breathe South Australia and their in-depth knowledge of local history adds more depth to your experience. This only comes from someone who knows the place like the back of their hand.

So if you’re willing to give up some of that freedom and go with the flow in a group of like-minded travellers, then hook up with a group tour. If you think you can do better on your own then strike out solo. But remember, you’re only going to have these experiences once, so make sure you get the very most out of every minute.