Ten unforgettable moments in South Australia

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There are destinations and destinations all over the world; some worth visiting more than others and some worth more than one visit. Anyone visiting South Australia would be forgiven if they feel like visiting again and again: It’s that enchanting a land. So, for those of you planning your next tour, we give a lowdown on the 10 unforgettable moments in South Australia.

Spotting wildlife

South Australia is rich in all forms of wildlife and will make animal lovers swoon with delight. Make your way to Kangaroo Island, and you would come across not only the kangaroos for which this bushland is famous, but also other fauna such as koalas, echidnas, the smallest penguins on earth and sea lions and fur seals. If you are fortunate, you might see all of them within a couple of hours too.

Cycling along roads and lanes

Cycling is one of the simple pleasures of life, and it couldn’t get any better than cycling along the quaint and beautiful lanes of South Australia. Whether you are cycling along the coastal line, along wooded forests and dry bushland or vineyards, there are plenty of wonders and sensory overloads waiting for you.


While on the subject of vineyards, it’s worthwhile visiting a few if you are in the vicinity. The old family-run vineyards are a sight to behold while the rich fruity aromas of grapes will assail your senses most wonderfully. The wine countries of Mclaren Vale and Linger Longer vineyard on the Fleurieu Peninsula near Willunga are some of the places worth checking out.

Sampling wine

Of course, no visit to a vineyard is complete without tasting all those exotic wines, and South Australia offers some of the best that are out there! Whether you are after a Shiraz or Moscato, you will get your heart’s desire. You might even be able to taste a 100-year-old port wine at the famous Seppetsfield winery of Barossa Valley.

Healthy culinary delights

The farm-to-table movement is quite strong in South Australia and nowhere is it stronger than in Adelaide. The organic food alternatives are easy to come by, and there is a conscious effort on the part of most eateries to serve delicious seasonal produce fresh from their backyards.

Enjoying the beauty of the ocean

The peace and beauty you can enjoy at any secluded spot along a coastal line are simply unparalleled. This is even more so at the southern coast of Kangaroo Island where the Indian Ocean meets the Antarctic Ocean. The gentle blue ocean, the white velvet sands of the beach and the azure sky would mesmerize you.

Forests and rivers

Adelaide, the coastal capital of South Australia, is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy tranquil forests, gently flowing rivers and rich avian life right in the middle of a bustling city. Whether you walk or cycle along the River Torrens, past the verdant forests, the quaint suburban neighbourhoods, and the lovely beaches, you will enjoy your experience.

Road tripping along Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula, just one hour’s drive from Adelaide, is where you can find most of these delights in one place. The gentle hills and the miles of vineyards running along them, the coastal beaches with the pristine golden sands, the flora and fauna and the charming countryside have to be experienced to be believed.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

This is a circus and much more that would leave one speechless. One of the most popular acts there is called Limbo and comprises an hour of acrobatics, fire-eating, tap dancing and beatboxing that are almost impossible to imagine without witnessing it for oneself. The festival is in the last week of March and has comedy acts, music performances, and street food carts.

The friendly people

No trip to South Australia would be complete without enjoying the warm hospitality of its wonderful and friendly people. Many will invite you to their homes and welcome you like old friends, and it won’t be surprising if you yearn for repeat visits.